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11 Countries Including India can Now Access Coinbase’s Crypto-to-Crypto Trading

The San-Francisco based crypto currency exchange firm Coinbase is now ready to provide crypto-to-crypto trading services in 11 more countries. These include South-American regions such as Mexico,Peru, Argentina,Chile. Even South-east Asian countries like India, Hong-Kong,South-Korea,Indonesia can utilize the crypto-to-crypto trading. With this move, the company has now expanded over 53 countries with a massive spread across four continents.

The trading firm mentioned this news on their official blog post. With this inclusion of new countries users from these regions can now trade, send and receive cryptocurrencies. The platform for trading activities will be done over the official Coinbase website or via Coinbase Pro.

The crypto trading firm has also mentioned that there has been a significant rise in the crypto-to-crypto trading between traders. Additionally this expansion to new countries will further accelerate and smooth up trading process. Coinbase also forecasts that soon the investment phase will shift into utility phase. It will see of new decentralized avatar of basic financing services such as lending or micro-payment.

Post the expansion, new traders from the South-east Asian and South American regions have to sign up on Coinbase or Coinbase Pro. They can also make use of the corresponding Android and iOS apps for trading works.

This expansion of crypto-to-crypto trading into 11 new counties will pave way for an open financial system and smooth trading. In turn this will also introduce the concept of cryptocurrencies and blockchain to a bigger number of people.