Mark Zuckerberg Hints on Enabling Facebook Login with Blockchain

Mark Zuckerberg Hints on Enabling Blockchain-based Facebook Login

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, in a recent interview with Jonathan Zittrain, a Harvard Law Professor, has revealed his plans on enabling Facebook login using blockchain, to avoid dependency on third party intermediaries.

He has stated that he is evaluating the technology’s potential to allow Internet users to log in to various services using a single set of credentials. This will let users have complete control over their personal information, which will be stored on some decentralized system, and with which they will be able to log in to portals of their choice. Though, he also added that decentralization has its own challenges too. And, decentralization of the level of computation that Facebook does, won’t be easier either.

Blockchain-based login is expected to eliminate the need to depend on Facebook Connect single sign-on application. The pros of the move include empowering the individuals know when and how they might be giving consent to an entity to use their details. It will also help in regulating the way Web-based portals have been working till now, and ease holding bigger companies accountable for using their personal data without their consent, said Zuckerberg.