ConsenSys Lists Out 16 Blockchain Games for Earning Money

ConsenSys Lists 16 Blockchain-powered Games That Allow Gamers Make Money

ConsenSys has listed out 16 Blockchain-powered games which use Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on Ethereum to help users play and make money. The blockchain-powered games allow users to buy, sell, trade or exchange these tokens on Ethereum Blockchain ,where these NFTs are defined as ERC-721 tokens. While the list made by ConsenSys held 16 blockchain games, four categories were created to place each one of them.

In the first category, i.e., ‘Collectible and Trading Games’, CryptoKitties, Etheremon, PlasmaBears, oX Universe are placed. The second category was ‘Battling Games’ which consists of games like Chibi Fighters, Hyperdragons, MyCryptoHeroes, Axie Infinity, Blockchain Cuties, World of Ether, and Gods Unchained where users can collect and train own fighters for the ultimate battle with historical warriors.

The third category, ‘Strategy Games’ includes Decentraland, CryptoAssault, and CryptoBaseball which involves careful strategical planning by the players to survive. And, the last lined category was ‘Artwork Trading’ where users can showcase their creative art skills through artwork trading games like CryptoSketches and SuperRare.