Chamber of Digital Commerce Collaborates with BAC to Enhance Blockchain Adoption

Canada’s Chamber of Digital Commerce Merges with Blockchain Association

Canada’s Chamber of Digital Commerce has merged with the Blockchain Association of Canada (BAC) to form Chamber of Digital Commerce Canada, to deliberately focus on developing a strong blockchain ecosystem in the nation.

Tanya Woods, Executive Director and Policy Strategist at BAC, has been appointed as the Managing Director of the new entity. According to Woods, the nation requires a strong and coordinated blockchain ecosystem that can be used by policy makers to boost the industry in Canada.

Don Tapscott, Executive Chairman at the Blockchain Research Institute, has commented that the concept of a unified local community is very important to maintain the position of Canada in respect to the advancement and utilization of the nascent technology. With the merger, many notable members of Chamber of Digital Commerce, such as Microsoft, OverStock, IBM, and BitPay, are expected to invest more in the technology.