Vereign Launches Blockchain-Powered Solution for Email and ID Security

Vereign launches Blockchain-Powered Solution for Email Security and Identity Management

Vereign has announced the launch of beta version of a blockchain-powered email security and identity management solution. The company intends to reduce malware and scams that travel through email.

According to the company, the browser plugin activates a security layer in email clients, office programs, and chat apps. This will add confidentiality and authenticity to online communication without hampering the workflows. The features of the plugin include suspicious sender alerts, identity management, single sign-on and unique usability, digital passports, digital signatures, and verified transaction history.

With identity management, users can have cryptographic signatures to securely store their digital identity data, and transmit only the information they want, as per KYC guidelines at Swiss banking standards. Moreover, the authenticated emails that beat the spam blocker feature allows users to digitally sign their emails to be sent to get through spam filters.