KIBIS To Introduce Self-Service Kiosks To Allow Purchases in Crypto

KIBIS To Introduce Self-Service Kiosks To Allow Purchases And Bill Payments in Crypto

KIBIS, a blockchain-based company, has announced its plans to introduce a network of self-service kiosks across the globe. The self-service kiosks will allow users to make purchases and pay bills in cryptocurrencies.

The company has claimed that consumers can use the kiosks to pay utility bills, book flight tickets and check their details. They can also subscribe to TV services and purchase prepaid vouchers. The self-service kiosks will accept cash and cryptocurrencies, with possibility of other payment options in due course. As reported, the transactions will be processed with an e-wallet payment network set via a high-throughput blockchain network.

To ensure seamless functioning of the kiosks, the company will create a side chain that will connect to the Ethereum mainnet. Moreover, a mining equipment will also be embedded within each KIBIS kiosk to ensure a reasonable source of electricity. The already installed self-service kiosks will also benefit from the new KIBIS Mining equipment. KIBIS has also unveiled plans to launch a mining pool on its blockchain-based payment processing platform.