AT&T Seeks Patent for Blockchain-Based Social Media ‘Mapping’ Platform

AT&T Seeks Patent for Blockchain-Based Social Media ‘Mapping’ Platform

AT&T, an American telecom company, has announced that it is seeking patent for a blockchain-enabled social media history ‘Mapping’.

The patent application talks about a blockchain-based platform that will have a transaction history controller to store subscribers’ data. The patent filed outlines several particular cases such as creating and sharing information, ideas, and career interests via virtual communities.

As reported, users who deploy the mapping platform will be able to track ‘micro-culture transactions’ or information such as tracing current trends at a given time or place; or behavior of a particular person. This ability is expected to have great value in e-commerce and marketing domains.

The patent file states that the social media history mapping system may rely on blockchain records to store and provide access to data that represent online transactions occurring on different social media apps. As per the filing, content creators would be able to possess ownership of their data on the mapping platform.