Narendra Modi

Indian PM to Attend Fintech Conference in Singapore

In the ongoing Singapore FinTech Festival, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has invited Honourable Indian PM, Mr. Narendra Modi, to speak to 30,000 people in the conference on the various exploration and usage of advanced technologies such as Blockchain and IoT, says the report. 

The fintech conference, which will end on November 16th, 2018, is reported to witness many eminent names in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Apart from addressing 30,000 people at the conference, the Indian PM will also be launching APIX, an innovative banking technology with an aim to serve about 2 billion people around the world. Many people in India lack of having a bank account which deprives them of banking services, but, with the use of APIX, this issue can be resolved, opines Modi.

With the presence of firms like, DLT Ledgers, Blockchain Foundation, India will be the largest exhibitor in the fintech conference with a record number of 400 exhibitors from its country.

Previously, Askrypto reported how Indian PM has prioritized the benefits of Blockchain implementation on different technical sectors of a country. As Blockchain provides safety of information, transparency and real-time monitoring of the data, it has become a highly sought-after technology by all nations around the world.