French University of Armenia Partners w

French University of Armenia Partners with Blocktech to launch a Blockchain Lab

In a recent report, the French University of Armenia (UFAR) has announced that it is partnering with Blocktech, an International Blockchain Venture Studio, to launch a Blockchain Lab. The Blockchain Laboratory will be the first of its kind to deliver courses on new distributed ledger technology, claims the university.

The Blockchain Lab in cooperation with UFAR’s Department of Finance and Law aims to explore the possible economic application of blockchain technology. The lab will also avail the periodic active participation from the newly found Department of Informatics and Applied Mathematics in order to explore the various attributes of distributed ledger technology.

Apart from blockchain application architectures, the lab will deliver courses on a plethora of other technologies such as bonding curves, smart contract development, token-curated registries etc. As per the university, the platform will enrol students for blockchain and cryptocurrency courses while providing real-time assistance to those involved in business and technical fields.

Taking this opportunity, Nick Spanos, the CEO of Blocktech explained how blockchain has gained footprints in various fields and why this is the right moment for Cryptoeconomics to evolve. Stressing out further on the importance of UFAR on this research he explained how human behaviour and system design in the decentralized world can be explored efficiently for the greater good. 

On the other hand, Kristina Sargsyan – UFAR’s Program Director for Industry Partnership – expressed her concerns towards the partnership between the two parties stating that the collaboration will surely ensure the widespread of the new technology amongst the young generation.