Sony copyright blockchain

Sony turns to Blockchain for protecting its content from Copyright issues

The Japanese multinational conglomerate Sony has recently announced that it would be using blockchain technology to ensure the copyright of its content. The company is looking forward to control and deal its intellectual properties and to solve related issues using blockchain.

Sony reported that the distributed ledger technology can benefit them in a way better than any other technology. As blockchain is a completely decentralised network, it becomes extremely difficult to delete or mutilate any data within the chain. The lifecycle of the data is also traceable, as blockchain can provide information about a product’s whole lifecycle.

The company will now use the same features to protect its content from copyright issues. Today anyone can write and publish content due to the advancement in technologies. This proposes an increasing threat to the copyrights of the works. However, using Blockchai’s DLT technology, the benefit of better managing and controlling the copyrighted data is easily achievable. 

The company will allow its users to have an access to Sony’s copyright DLT software. This access key will play a vital role in knowing the exact date of a created content. This will lead to a reduction in the copyright breaches. Sony also tends to use blockchain in developing its training procedures in its global educational division. The company owned Sony Music Entertainment is the third largest enterprise label, globally.

Earlier, Sony used to control copyright issues with its educational software, but with the this latest upgrade, the company is eying to develop a more secure, transparent, cost-reducing and time-effective option.