Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain to aid Nasdaq’s Financial Framework

In the recent news report released by Bloomberg, Microsoft’s Azure blockchain services is going to aid Nasdaq’s Financial Framework/ Nasdaq to develop software to help traders and clearinghouses to better communicate with each other towards solving transaction issues. The platform will also enable traders to access a number of Blockchain solutions through a single interface.

Through Microsoft’s Azure blockchain system, it will be easy for easy for the buyers and sellers to manage their delivery and payment system by making different technologies to work together for Nasdaq customers. It will also help towards an easy settlement of transactions, the companies said.

Through this collaboration, Nasdaq will offer to use a number of blockchain services through a single interface. Nasdaq is of the opinion that it will ease and accelerate the use of blockchain technology and will enable traders to choose the best option for different situations.

Both Nasdaq and Microsoft are also involved in various blockchain and cryptocurrencies projects independently. For instance, Nasdaq has already announced plans list multiple cryptocurrencies as early as 2019. A few months back, it hosted a closed-door meeting with representatives from different companies in Chicago. The list included eminent companies like Gemini and other cryptocurrency exchanges. The motive was to encourage industries towards improving the image of cryptocurrency by validating its potential role in global markets.