Blockchain methods

Brave browser counts on Blockchain to verify the identity of publishers

The Brave browser is now using Blockchain based verification service on its platform. Through it, the browser is checking the authenticity of the publishers anonymously. Also, the process is ensuring that publishers receive payment for their content. They can connect their Ethereum wallets to receive digital currencies for their work. 

Brave has initiated a “verify publishers” program and that is now blockchain powered. The company has paired with Civic, a blockchain identity startup, to make the verification process easy. The company has opted for Civic’s identity verification and KYC (Know Your Customer) services. Any publishers who want to contribute to Brave would have to go through these verification platforms. Once, he confirms his idenity, he will earn BAT Tokens (Brave’s Basic Attention Token).

The way payment receive method is the same as the previous. However, the revolutionary difference is that publishers can now receive digital currencies as well. They can connect their Etherum wallets to receive BAT Tokens. Both the Civic and the Brave browser are trying to protect the identity of their publishers through this approach.

The “Reusable KYC” system of Civic ensures that publishers can verify themselves without exposing their privacy to everyone. Also, the system is easing out the process of payment by introducing a mobile-friendly environment. Publishers can receive payments using mobile applications.

Civic co-founder and CEO Vinny Lingham is of the opinion that the current approach will create a new level of trust between the users and the publishers. The trusted identity verification service will surely prompt more publishers to fall in love with the Brave browser.