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Apple Provides Blockchain-based Helathcare Platform for Veterans

Apple Steps into Blockchain with Healthcare Records Feature on iPhone

Apple Inc. has announced that it is planning to provide Health Records feature on iPhone to enable veterans view their health records and other medical info via a single app. The app will allow users to check all their health-related information in a summarized health profile format. Details such as immunizations, conditions, allergies, prescriptions, procedures and lab test reports etc. will be displayed on the app.

IBM Opens New Blockchain Data Center in Melbourne

IBM Opens Second Blockchain Data Center in Australia

IBM has announced the opening of a new blockchain data center in Sydney, Australia, which is scheduled for March 2019. The initiative will allow Australlian customers to store their data locally instead of depending on outside hosts. In addition, the firm has launched blockchain main net from its Melbourne data center to allow customers use the company’s cloud for running their applications.

Australia Launches Blockchain-based Healthcare Solution

Australia-based Doctors Launch Blockchain-powered Healthcare Solution

An Australia-based team of doctors have launched Secure Health Chain, a blockchain-based healthcare solution, aimed at revolutionizing the healthcare sector by providing enhanced security to patient data and reducing the costs involved. The team is headed by Dr. Rob Laidlaw, a healthcare specialist. Secure Health Chain’s goal is to develop a user-friendly electronic ‘health passport’ that can be accessed by users on their smartphones.

Mozilla to Block Crypto Mining and Fingerprinting Bug in Firefox

Mozilla to Add CryptoMining and Fingerprint Blocking Feature to Firefox 67

Mozilla has unveiled its plans to add cryptomining and fingerprint blocking feature to its Firefox 67 version to improve the privacy of users. The company has uploaded a mock up explaining the process of adding the cryptomining and fingerprinting detection and blocking features to its Content Blocking feature. The features are claimed to prevent users from in-browsing mining, which creates issues such as theft of energy and increase in bills along with prolonged usage of CPUs. 

California Set to Implement Blockchain and IoT Sensors to Track Ground Water Sustainability

California to Sustainably Manage Ground Water with Blockchain and IoT

IBM Research and SweetSense, a sensor tech provider, have partnered with the University of Colorado Boulder and The Freshwater Trust to use blockchain and IoT sensors for tracking the underground water in aquifers in north California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. The project will use blockchain to share water extraction data with orbiting satellites, which will also be used for detection of rainfall and weather correlations.

Blockchain can Revolutionize Global Opportunities, says Bettina Warburg

Blockchain to Revolutionize Global Trade Opportunities, says Blockchain Expert

During the ongoing World Government Summit 2019 in Dubai, blockchain expert Bettina Warburg has praised the capabilities of blockchain and IoT. During a session at the three-day event being held at Madinat Jumeirah, Warburg has claimed that distributed digital ledger-based trade has the potential to open great business opportunities for countries in the upcoming years.

Finablr Partners with Ripple to Initiate Blockchain-payment Service

Ripple and Finablr’s UAE Exchange Extend Reach in Thailand with Blockchain Payment Services

Finablr, a UAE-based payments and foreign exchange firm, has announced its collaboration with Ripple to introduce a blockchain-based payment service to streamline cross-border remittances and payment system in Thailand. The company has stated that its brands, namely UAE Exchange and Unimoni, are partnering with Ripple to make money transfer across borders faster and more secure. The organization has also disclosed its plans to extend its services to other countries, gradually.

Switzerland-based Trading Platform to Implement Blockchain

Swiss Stock Exchange Shows Inclination Towards Blockchain-based Trading

SIX, Switzerland’s stock exchange platform, has announced its plans to launch SIX Digital Exchange, a blockchain-powered platform, which will focus on enhancing the speed of trading processes. Romeo Lacher, Chairman at SIX, has stated that the entity is currently working on legal and regulatory issues with FINMA, Switzerland’s financial markets regulator. Further adding, he stated that the company is also looking forward to starting security token offerings in the near future.

WSBA Collaborates with R3 for Enhancing Blockchain Adoption

Wall Street Blockchain Alliance Partners with R3 for Corda Blockchain

The Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, a non-profit trade association that promotes adoption of blockchain technology and cryptoassets, has collaborated with R3’s blockchain consortium to develop applications based on Corda, R3’s blockchain platform. Under the partnership, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance is looking forward to introducing the trade association to increased use cases that Corda offers. The organisation believes that the alliance will benefit its members with Corda platform.

Ripple to Fund 11 New Partners in UBRI for Blockchain Development

Ripple Adds 11 New Institutions to University Blockchain Research Initiative

Ripple has announced the expansion of its University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) by adding 11 new partners, making a total of 29 members. The program is aimed at promoting blockchain-focused academia and research. The company has committed a funding of $50 million to UBRI’s first wave of university partners. The UBRI program offers blockchain related courses to people from various disciplines such as engineering, business, software development, etc.