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Infibeam Collabs with Primechain

Infibeam Collabs with Primechain to Begin Blockchain Based Record Keeping

Popular E-commerce firm Infibeam collabs with Primechain technologies aiming to start a global invoicing of trade and finance by using blockchain. The integration of Blockchain will ensure a real-time record of domestic and international transactions. With this team-up the the E-commerce front is eyeing to knock into a $12 trillion of trade finance at a […]

Mithril Adopts Binance Chain

Mithril Adopts Binance Chain: First Social Media Platform to Do So

As the popular decentralized social media Mithril adopts Binance chain, it becomes the first such firm to do this. Now, with this move, Mith token will migrate from ERC-20 to BEP2. Mith is the token which the localized social media uses to reward the content creators. Binance Chain came into existence freshly on 18th April,2019. […]

Volkswagen Will Use IBM Blockchain

Volkswagen Will Use IBM Blockchain to Track its Mineral Supply chains

Soon, Volkswagen will use IBM Blockchain to track its mineral supply chains. this info officially comes from the announcement made by the renowned German automaker. It aims towards empowering the company to record mineral tracing in real-time. The MNC in its blog said that this move will help fulfill the sourcing standards set by the […]

Ransomware Value Rises in Q1 2019

Crypto Ransomware Value Rises in Q1 2019: Ryuk Demands the Highest Ransom

Every piece of technology has its downsides. In a more proper technical jargon, we call it vulnerability. The concept of cryptocurrency is very much prone to high-end vulnerabilities. The threat comes in the form of ransomware. According to a report by Coveware, the value of ransom demanded by various ransomware has increased significantly in the […]

Tzero Misses out $100 Million Target

Tzero Misses out $100 Million Target for Fundraiser from Asian Investors

Failing to close the fund injection by the stipulated time, tZero misses out $100 million target of fundraiser from Asian investors GSR and Makara capital. Tzero is the security token trading platform of retail connoisseur OverStock. The aforementioned capital injection was the result of recent agreement in February between the investors and Tzero. The target […]

Top 50 MNCs that Use Blockchain

Forbes Reveal Top 50 MNCs that Use Blockchain Technology

Leading Fintech media house Forbes has just revealed the list of top 50 MNCs that use blockchain technology. This definitely clears the air about the fact that Blockchain is not only about cryptocurrencies. It’s interesting to see all the popular tech and E-commerce giants have found their way into this list of top 50 MNCs […]

11 Countries Including India can Now Access Coinbase’s Crypto-to-Crypto Trading

The San-Francisco based crypto currency exchange firm Coinbase is now ready to provide crypto-to-crypto trading services in 11 more countries. These include South-American regions such as Mexico,Peru, Argentina,Chile. Even South-east Asian countries like India, Hong-Kong,South-Korea,Indonesia can utilize the crypto-to-crypto trading. With this move, the company has now expanded over 53 countries with a massive spread […]


Korean Crypto Exchange Coinnest Shutting Down Soon

South Korean crypto trading firm Coinnest is officially quitting the scene. It has began terminating its services gradually from 16th of April 2019. The firm has put up a notice on its official website citing the reason of closure. According to the pop-up declaration, Coinnest was unable to keep up with the changing trends in […]

Cold wallets

Japan’s FSA Implements New Rules for Cold wallets to Step-up Security at Crypto Exchanges

Every technology comes with its own set of advantages and vulnerabilities. Blockchain based cryptocurrency trading is not an exception to this. Time and again we have seen serious crimes relating crypto currencies taking place. So, to ensure maximum security for the digital transactions Japan’s Financial Security Agency, FSA will soon set new regulations for storing […]

Generali Employee Benefits Implement Blockchain

Accenture and Generali Employee Benefits Implement Blockchain Technology for Smoother Insurance Process

Now the insurance process for various parameters will get smoother. Renowned firms Accenture and Generali Employee Benefits implement Blockchain technology on their insurance products. It began with a trial run for one year with local insurance firms of Spain and Serbia. Now both the firms have implemented on their own products. With the intervention of […]