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Is Reddit Developing a Tipping Program Based on Blockchain?

Is Reddit Developing a Tipping Program Based on Blockchain?

Reddit may be about to launch a new blockchain-based points system on its platform. If you believe the screen recording that has been posted in the Cryptocurrency subreddit today. The video posted by Redditor MagoCrypto. And is a walkthrough of a new Reddit app development that depicts a tab listing group points. There appear to […]

South Korean Exchange Bithumb Launches 5x Margin Trading

South Korean Exchange Bithumb Launches 5x Margin Trading

Weeks After Bitcoin’s recent deleveraging. The big South Korean exchange Bithumb has unveiled leverage trading on its global platform for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). The exchange notes that the move is in response to “a spike in crypto services demand,”. The launch of margin by Bithumb Global comes just weeks after the biggest deleveraging […]

Italian News Agency Uses Blockchain to Fight Fake Coronavirus News

Italian News Agency Uses Blockchain to Fight Fake Coronavirus News

In the midst of the global pandemic crisis, the importance of ensuring reliable information is becoming more crucial. As fake coronavirus news poses a direct threat to people’s lives and health worldwide. Although some global jurisdictions levy fines and jail for spreading misleading information about coronavirus. A major news agency in Italy is hoping to […]

Trading with Brave Tokens on Gemini Starting April 24

Trading with Brave Tokens on Gemini Starting April 24

Brave, an open-source pay-to-surf browser, will soon have more options to trade its signature token. The Gemini platform revealed that they would soon endorse trading for Brave’s Basic Attention Token (BAT) in the April 6 blog post on the Gemini web site. Gemini accounts will soon be receiving BAT from users. That is starting at […]

Quarantined Gamers Exhaust Microsoft's Azure Blockchain Network

Quarantined Gamers Exhaust Azure Blockchain Network

Quarantined gamers around the World are straining the Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain As a Service (BaaS) cloud platform during this lockdown period. Microsoft is discussing the effect of the “public health pandemic” on its Azure cloud services in SEC filing. The organization admits that “deployments for certain forms of measured capital in some regions fell below […]


Stablecoins Reap the Benefits While BTC Is Having Its Hard Time: Coin Metrics

Coin Metrics is a blockchain analysis firm which recently finds that while bitcoin (BTC) is experiencing its daily drop stablecoins, on the other hand, are doing quite good & are reaping the benefits. Coin Metrics is globally famous for conducting various aspects of cryptocurrency tokens. The firm releases its State of the Network Report on […]

China Launches Blockchain-Based Internet Court in Hangzhou

Report: China Sees 37% Drop in Blockchain Salaries in FY 2019

Though blockchain sills have been rising in the global market, some countries like China have seen reduced salaries offered to blockchain professionals in FY 2019. The new report released with the title “2020 China Blockchain Professional Development Report” says. Per the report, the average salary offered to any blockchain industry employee in China has dropped […]

Bitcoin price didn't crash 60% due to coronavirus says binance ceo

Bitcoin Price didn’t Fall 60% Less due to Coronavirus, Says Binance CEO

The Coronavirus pandemic was all around the world like fire. And this is what that ignited the current global economic meltdown, not its cause, the Binance’s CEO says. As per the blog post published on March 20, Changpeng Zhao, famous as “CZ” in crypto-verse, argued that coronavirus shows the world how weak our economy is. […]

EY Japan to fight counterfeit sake with blockchain

EY Japan to Fight Fraudulent Sale of Fruit & Sake with Blockchain in Asia

Japan-based global accountancy firm Ernst & Young has announced its plans to launch an ideal blockchain system for tracking and tracing Japanese fruit & sake. It ensures the prevention of fraudulent products’ sales in the Asian country. As per Asian Nikkei Review, SAKE Blockchain by EY Japan will soon be rolled out across Asia once […]

STO platform registers with traditional bank to help move security tokens forward

STO Platform “Blockpulse” Registers with Bank of France to Move Security Tokens Forward

Security Token Offering (STO) platform, Blockpulse, registers with the ACPR Bank of France just in time with the aim to move security tokens forward. “Registration of Blockpulse at ACPR Banque de France with its partner, Lemonway, which is the leading European digital payment solution for investment platforms, completes successfully,” Blockpulse COO Marien Irzykiewicz told the […]