How to Start as a Bitcoin Investor with Zero Expense?

Searching for the ways to start as a bitcoin investor with zero expense? You’re in the right place! Becoming a bitcoin investor is super easy nowadays. And, the beauty of this world is that you don’t have to spend anything at first. All you need to do is find a trusted cryptocurrency wallet, install it on your phone, and load it with some digital cash. The growing crypto community has changed a lot to always welcome newcomers. Therefore, the community makes sure you can take the first steps as a bitcoin investor at no expense. So, how you start the process as a bitcoin investor? Let us guide you…

Download the Free Crypto Wallet First If You Want to Start as a Bitcoin Investor

Taking the first step is essential with whatever you like to start. And, you don’t need to be a tech-savvy for starting as a Bitcoin investor. Just a basic idea about the blockchain technology and how cryptocurrency works are enough. You can just search the same on the internet and you’ll be available with tons of information to quickly convince you that Bitcoin is for you.

No matter who you are; learning to buy and sell bitcoin, sending and receive them through bitcoin wallet, exchange and protect crypto though takes a little effort but is always fun. But the whole thing will only get started when you’ll have a digital wallet with your favorite cryptocurrency’s support. This will help you discover the financial freedom you left unexplored to date. There are a lot of free clients available luckily to help begin your endeavor. However, you need to trust someone with a good reputation and available with top-notch security. There are several cryptocurrency wallets you can use. Some of them are available as a desktop application to download whereas many of them you can use on your android and iOS-based mobiles. Some of the crypto wallet desktop applications also have browser extensions to smoother the process.

It’s important to take instructions of client’s developers into account whenever first starting as a Bitcoin investor and setting up your wallet for the first time. Because it may help you when something goes wrong with your account at any moment. Nobody knows when something irreversible and irreparable happens. So, it’s better to keep yourself prepared for such cases.

Load Your Crypto Wallet with Free Coins

Installing a crypto wallet on your preferred device doesn’t mean you can start the process. You need to load your crypto wallet with some free coins to start your first ever cryptocurrency transaction. While there are many options for you, you can acquire some free coins from a Bitcoin exchange wallet or can purchase some from other bitcoin holders. All you need is to get some free bitcoin cash (BCH) to kick start with the steps.

First, start downloading the app and install it on your device. Later, you can log in with accurate details and then enter your BCH details to receive free coins. You can also get some free cryptocurrency through a friendly gesture. Many form the crypto communities are very much excited about spreading adoption. And, if you are lucky you’ll find a friend who can help you by sending some satoshis to get you started.

For example, executive chairman Roger Ver has announced on Facebook that he will be sending $5 worth of bitcoin cash to anyone who provides a bitcoin cash address. This is the kind gesture we talked about previously. If you know how to hold your coins, then the crypto world has a very good history of turning that $5 into $5000 in the future.

Thanks to the low fees nature of the BCH network which allows anyone to make smaller transactions among friends or donate for a noble cause. As crypto commerce is growing at a rapid pace, you can use your crypto wallet balance for a variety of reasons. The crypto wallets now have hundreds of thousands of brick and mortar stores that accept payment through BCH. There are also bitcoin gift cards that you can use for buying anything from retailers that don’t accept any cryptocurrency directly.

So, are you ready to start as a bitcoin investor? How did you get into the Bitcoin world? Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section

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