Order of Hash - Global Blockchain Conclave 2019 in Goa, India

Order of Hash – Global Blockchain Conclave 2019 in Goa, India

Order of Hash (OO#) is proud to announce one of the largest blockchain conferences in Goa, India, inviting Blockchain enthusiasts from every sphere.

Order of Hash aims to be a first of its kind, knowledge sharing platform that brings together innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, students, scientists, and policy makers to propel disruption through innovative technologies. This one-stop spot offers you the chance to connect, interact, and associate with blockchain leaders and enthusiasts from all over the world.

OO# will host a plethora of individuals, companies and organizations from India and around the globe to discuss and showcase the potentials vested in the rapidly growing blockchain technology. The stage is set to ignite minds with the power of this revolutionizing technology.

Also, the event welcomes companies and startups in the blockchain sphere to exhibit with us; including consulting firms, media companies, developers and miners, etc.

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Some of the noteworthy speakers to be a part of the event are:

Gurwinder Ahluwalia: Former CTO of IBM Blockchain I Co-founder & COO Beyond Protocol

Rosine Kadamani: Co-founder of Blockchain Academy

Stefan Schmid: Professor of Computer Science at University of Vienna

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