Order of Hash - Global Blockchain Conclave 2019 in Goa, India

Order of Hash – Global Blockchain Conclave 2019 in Goa, India

Order of Hash (OO#) announces one of the largest blockchain conferences in India, inviting Blockchain enthusiasts from every sphere. This one-stop spot offers you the chance to connect, interact, and associate with blockchain leaders and enthusiasts from all over the world.

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Debate On The Current Status Of ICOs And Its Future Development

Beyond Blocks Bangkok Summit – A Discussion On Current And Future Status of ICOs

During the Beyond Blocks Summit Bangkok (November 26-27, 2018), an engaging discussion was held on the current status of ICOs and the future development of this distributed crowdfunding system. The panel included both pro-blockchain and crypto skeptic entrepreneurs. Roland Yau, managing partner of CoCoon Ignite Ventures, stated that ICOs are a fraudulent way of raising […]

Exclusives From Beyond Blocks Bangkok Summit 2018

Beyond Blocks Bangkok Summit – Exclusive Interviews

In the recently held Beyond Blocks Summit (#BBBKK2018), November 26th-27th in Bangkok, the Askrypto team had the opportunity to interact with several budding blockchain entrepreneurs. In an exclusive interview with Askrypto, this is what the teams of Cryptomatic, EBCoin, HashMax, Good Luck 3 and Six Network had to say: CryptoMatic “We are a bitcoin management […]

Bangkok Blockchain Summit 2018

Beyond Blocks Bangkok Summit – A Glimpse

Beyond Blocks, a platform that brings the intellects in the blockchain realm together to collectively share ideas, is conducted its latest summit on Blockchain technology in Bangkok on 26th and 27th of November, 2018. It’s been a great podium for blockchain enthusiasts to meet and explore the world of possibilities in blockchain. The last summit […]