White Hat Hackers Rewarded

White Hat Hackers Rewarded For Breach Detection

Computer security specialists, White hat hackers were rewarded $32,000 for breach detection.  They were detecting crypto security faults for the past two months. According, to a report made by Hard Fork on May 20. The White hat hackers were rewarded $878,000 last year for detecting the crypto bug. As per the article, a round figure […]

Cryptopia Hack

Cryptopia Hack Aftermath: Hackers Begin Transferring Funds

Back in January this year, Cryptopia, the crypto exchange faced a major blow. Hackers hit the firm and got away with $16 million worth of Ethereum. A few days ago the exchange entered liquidation and eventually shut down for good. Everything seems to have finished with the Cryptopia hack incident. However, it’s not over yet. […]

Blockchain Tracking System

Austrian Production Firm to Launch Blockchain Tracking System

Lenzing which happens to be one of the world’s foremost fiber producing country is going to embrace blockchain. Soon, it will set up a blockchain tracking system for its supply chain of fiber. The announcement comes official from the website of the Austrian firm. Apparently, the fiber producer is teaming up with TextileGenesis, a blockchain […]

No Financial Threat from cryptocurrencies for Euro Zone..?

No Financial Threat from Cryptocurrencies for Euro Zone..?

In its most recent paper distributed on Friday, the European Central Bank said the consolidated estimation of crypto-resources is small in respect to the financial framework. The linkages still constrain the monetary part. As of now, Cryptocurrency is not a danger to monetary dependability in the Euro Zone. The digital currency is not functioning like […]

First Public Listing

SprinkleXchange Will Reveal its First Public Listing in June

Bahrain based Ethereum powered exchange SprinkleXchange will list its first public listing in June. The announcement comes from the firm’s CEO in an interview. He says the listing will cost similar to that of a Swedish stock exchange. The pricing will be set using the Dutch auction method. However, it brings global access and better […]

Blockchain-Empowered Yuan

Blockchain-Empowered Yuan Can Rise Governmental Supervision

On May 17, Dovey Wan, a founding partner at Primitive Ventures, an investment firm notes on a blog post that the Blockchain-empowered Yuan may permit the supervision of China. It may enable the government to have a great administration over both home and overseas economies. Albeit, the Chinese government has put restrictions over the cryptocurrencies […]

Bitcoin Trends in Google Search, Hits 14 Month High

Bitcoin Trends in Google Search, Hits 14 Month High

According to Google Trends, Bitcoin’s search interest this year has apparently been getting an ever-increasing number. Bitcoin has of late hit a 14-month high in the search interest. The cryptocurrency currently trading at $7,900, saw a sudden surge in the search interest this year. Such a rise in search interest hasn’t been seen since February […]

OverStock CEO Sells Founder's Share

OverStock CEO Sells the Founder’s Share to Invest in Blockchain

Patrick Byrne, the CEO of OverStock has sold almost 15% of his share. He justifies this move saying he wants to invest in blockchain projects. As the OverStock CEO sells the founder’s share, it led to a stir among the investors. Byrne happens to be the largest shareholder of the firm.  However, the CEO mentions […]