Author: Swayam Prakash

Blockchain in Telecom

Possible Implementations of Blockchain in Telecom

Blockchain, the latest sensation with decentralized technology is busy marking its presence in every industry out there. While every domain is experimenting with blockchain, why the telecom industry will be left behind..? There have been many proposals for implementing blockchain in telecommunication. There are also many use cases put up by experts…

Bitcoin Price in Zimbabwe

Bitcoin Price in Zimbabwe Touches A Whopping $76,000

Though bitcoin value is hovering in & around $10,000 for the rest of the world, in Zimbabwe 1 bitcoin bears a value of $76,000. Recently, there has been a ban imposed on local trading in foreign fiat currencies. , If someone is buying Bitcoin from outside of the nation he is seeing the asking price for a bitcoin is over $50,000…

Use of Blockchain in the Music Industry

Use of Blockchain in the Music Industry: Implementations and Challenges

Though blockchain has been disrupting various domains around the world, still it has a number of industries left to conquer. Blockchain’s growth has been steady but powerful enough to positively change the functioning of the industry it enters. The decentralized technology has been the talk of the globe and has managed to attract many firms to experiment on it…

Blockchain Can Disrupt the Gaming Industry

How Blockchain Can Disrupt the Gaming Industry

Blockchain, as we know, has gradually been forraying into various public domains. This includes major sectors such as banking, medicine, production supply, law and order, agricultural sector, etc. There are firms that are busy building blockchain platforms and providing it to the other big and small players of various domains…

Bitcoin Mining Machines

1000 Bitcoin Mining Machines Seized in Iran

Around 1000 bitcoin mining machines have been seized by the Iranian government due to power issues. These machines were used by two crypto mining firms in some abandoned factory premises in the Yazd province. The Energy Ministry of Iran says that due to the heavy consumption of electricity in mining, the power grids are becoming unstable.

Best Hardware Crypto Wallets

Best Hardware Crypto Wallets of 2019

Cryptocurrencies have literally brought massive disruption to the financial domain. Elimination of the need for intermediary or banking institutions is a major attribute of cryptocurrency. This particular feature has managed to turn the gaze of enthusiasts and multitudes of commoners alike. Today there are a number of cryptocurrencies along with major exchanges…