Author: Swayam Prakash

Central Bank of Laos Prohibits Cryptocurrencies

Central Bank of Laos Prohibits Cryptocurrencies

Probably following the footsteps of the RBI, now Central Bank of Laos Prohibits Cryptocurrencies and related activities. Of course, the blockade is on sales purchase and trading of digital money. Prior to this, the bank has already put an active ban on financial firms from doing any kind of business regarding crypto. The primary concern […]

Australian Govt Employee is Charged

Australian Govt Employee is Charged for Mining Crypto

An Australian Govt employee is charged for using his office computers to mine crypto. This news comes from the courtesy of the Australian Federal police. The alleged employee used his IT contractor access to tweak computer programs. His motive was to use the processing power of the government computer systems to mine crypto. Apparently, he […]

Cryptopia Hack

Cryptopia Hack Aftermath: Hackers Begin Transferring Funds

Back in January this year, Cryptopia, the crypto exchange faced a major blow. Hackers hit the firm and got away with $16 million worth of Ethereum. A few days ago the exchange entered liquidation and eventually shut down for good. Everything seems to have finished with the Cryptopia hack incident. However, it’s not over yet. […]

Blockchain Tracking System

Austrian Production Firm to Launch Blockchain Tracking System

Lenzing which happens to be one of the world’s foremost fiber producing country is going to embrace blockchain. Soon, it will set up a blockchain tracking system for its supply chain of fiber. The announcement comes official from the website of the Austrian firm. Apparently, the fiber producer is teaming up with TextileGenesis, a blockchain […]

First Public Listing

SprinkleXchange Will Reveal its First Public Listing in June

Bahrain based Ethereum powered exchange SprinkleXchange will list its first public listing in June. The announcement comes from the firm’s CEO in an interview. He says the listing will cost similar to that of a Swedish stock exchange. The pricing will be set using the Dutch auction method. However, it brings global access and better […]

OverStock CEO Sells Founder's Share

OverStock CEO Sells the Founder’s Share to Invest in Blockchain

Patrick Byrne, the CEO of OverStock has sold almost 15% of his share. He justifies this move saying he wants to invest in blockchain projects. As the OverStock CEO sells the founder’s share, it led to a stir among the investors. Byrne happens to be the largest shareholder of the firm.  However, the CEO mentions […]


Goxtrade Faces Scam Accusation: Mentions Bogus Contact Details

There is not a day in a week when we don’t hear about scams happening in the crypto world. The crypto exchange Goxtrade is the latest addition to these kinds of scam activities. Apparently, the firm is extracting the photo of random people from social media. Later it’s putting those people’s picture on its website […]

Facebook Opens New FinTech Firm

Facebook Opens A New FinTech Firm: Hints at the Elusive Native Crypto

Taking one step further towards its secret stablecoin project, Facebook opens a new fintech firm. The social media giant’s new firm goes by the name Libra Networks. It’s similar to the trademark name which Facebook acquired last week. The information comes from a company registration filing on the Geneva Commercial Register. As per the registration […]

Coinbase Earn

Coinbase Earn Launches in 100 Nations for the Public

Popular crypto exchange Coinbase has opened up its Coinbase Earn program for the public. It is now available in over 100 countries throughout the globe. The announcement comes from the official blog post of the firm. Basically, the idea is, users can earn cryptocurrency by completing educational tasks on the Earn program. These tasks include […]