Author: Swayam Prakash

Blockchain Payment Solution

Korean Credit Card Giant Granted Patent for Blockchain Payment Solution

The major South Korean credit card company Shinhan card finally patents its Blockchain payment solution. As the name suggests, this system will set the spending limits, enable payment in installments and payment processing. Apparently, the firm is the first one in the world to come up with such a credit transaction service…

Blockchain Honey Sustainability

Oracle and World Bee Project Team up to Develop Blockchain Honey Sustainability QA System

Notable tech giant Oracle has joined hands with World Bee project to develop a blockchain honey sustainability assurance system. Both will work together to launch a brand called “BeeMark”. This label will work on to provide a guarantee that a particular label of honey has been extracted from eco-friendly sources…

Public Blockchain and Private Blockchain

Difference Between Public Blockchain and Private Blockchain

Blockchain, as we know, is a decentralized technology that records the transactions continuously into an immutable ledger. However, you must know that blockchain can further be segregated into public blockchain and private blockchain. A public blockchain is an open network where anyone can join as well as read and write data to the blockchain…

Blockchain Credential Rating Service

Fujitsu Launches Blockchain Credential Rating Service

The Japanese tech giant Fujitsu has come up with a blockchain credential rating service. This system also generates trustworthy transactions and verifies only required personal details. Every single info about the user is not required to go under verification. When users in a blockchain will rate each other, this system…

Blockchain In Aerospace
Global business connection technology interface global partner connection of Container Cargo freight train for logistic import export background. Business logistics concept , internet of things

Blockchain In Aerospace: A Glance at Possible Implementations

Aerospace is one of the major industries that carry out a business which involves a humongous amount of data. So, naturally, there will be a lot of operations that will involve paperwork. Hopefully, due to technological evolution, most of the functionalities are getting digitized…

Keyless Wallet

ZenGo Tests Keyless Wallet for Facebook’s Crypto Libra

ZenGo, the non-custodial crypto wallet has come up with proof-of-concept for a keyless wallet for Facebook’s Libra coin. They have successfully managed to send/receive Libra using the keyless wallet. However, this was carried out on a testnet. The development on the wallet was shared on an official blog post of ZenGo…