Author: Rajat Patel

Austrian Bank Raiffeisen Is Working on a National Digital Currency Pilot

While global governments are pushing ahead with digital currencies in central banks. Private institutions are also seeking to digitize national currencies. Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI), a big Austrian bank, employs blockchain technology to work on a new method of tokenizing the national currency. After a positive test of end-to-end digitized national currency transfers. RBI is […]

Jack Ma Resigns From SoftBank and the Firm Posts Worst Losses in Its History

Jack Ma, the co-founder of Alibaba, stepping down from the board of the Japanese tech giant and the big blockchain backer of SoftBank. After 13 years of close involvement with SoftBank. The richest man in China leaves the board in the midst of SoftBank reporting the worst operating loss in its history. Jack Ma’s exit […]

Japan’s Top Credit Card Issuer Building Blockchain Payment System

JCB, Japan’s biggest credit card issuer, has collaborated with technology accelerator TECHFUND to create a secure transaction platform on the blockchain. The collaboration will leverage TECHFUND ‘s expertise on security token offerings (STOs) and staking to build a new transaction platform, according to a statement released by JCB on May 15. TECHFUND, which also located […]

Transaction Fees for Bitcoin Are Up 800 Per Cent in a Month

Bitcoin (BTC) transaction fees rose by over 1,250 percent from $0.38 to $5.16 from April 11 until May 14. While transaction fees for Bitcoin have since dropped by 33.3 percent to sit at around $3.44 as of this writing, fees have increased by 36.5 percent since the block reward halving on May 11. Bitcoin payments double […]

Fortnite Fans Race to Earn ETH Based Rewards on Reddit

Within days of launching on the Rinkeby testnet. Over 10,000 addresses have been created for Reddit’s Ethereum (ETH)-based Community Points rewards system. The Reddit points rolled out from March 13 to March 15 across two subreddit communities. Regarding the topics of the popular video game Fortnight (r/fortniteBR) and cryptocurrency (r/cryptocurrency), in particular. Perhaps surprisingly, the […]

Mexican Companies Launch Crypto Portal for Covid-19 Affected People

Mexican Companies Launch Crypto Portal for Covid-19 Affected People

Mexican crypto-currency exchange Bitso and crowdfunding site Donadora joined forces to introduce a crypto-based donation program. The network would support the neediest families impacted by the COVID-19 crisis to collect funds to buy food. Each pantry delivered will be worth 150 Mexican pesos, according to a report published by El Heraldo de México on May […]

Lamborghini Is Launching Blockchain-Based Collectible Stamps

Lamborghini Is Launching Blockchain-Based Collectible Stamps

The renowned Italian luxury sports car maker Lamborghini continues to make use of Blockchain in its corporate operations. The well-known company uses blockchain to digitize its collectible stamps, among the latest technological advancements. Lamborghini is releasing the first digital collectible stamps, the “Automobili Lamborghini Collection”. The new release, driven by blockchain technology, is a series […]

Galaxy Digital Has Been Accepted to the Toronto Stock Exchange via the Sandbox

Galaxy Digital Has Been Accepted to the Toronto Stock Exchange via the Sandbox

Galaxy Digital Holdings, Crypto Venture Capital and Trading Desk, has been granted conditional approval. To participate in the TSX Sandbox of the Toronto Stock Exchange. TSX’s sandbox, revealed during April of last year, provides a testing ground for new policy growth. And an effort to promote support for listing applications “that may not generally satisfy […]