Author: Rajat Patel

Tether Blacklists 46 Million Tether in Ethereum Addresses

Tether Blacklists 46 Million Tether in Ethereum Addresses

Tether (USDT) blacklisted 39 Ethereum addresses worth USDT $46 million, with 24 assets totaling over USDT $5.5 million blacklisted this year. This announcement came as a result of the first blacklist of an Ethereum address owned by the Center, containing US $100,000. Philippe Castonguay, an Ethereum researcher at Horizon Games, used Dune Analytics to create […]

Smart Contracts In the Commercial Sector Will Need to Rely on IoT Sensors

Smart Contracts In the Commercial Sector Will Need to Rely on IoT Sensors

In certain industries, smart contracts have minimal efficiency unless they are applied along with IoT sensors. According to NYU blockchain and market experts. At the July 10 Unitize Conference on Interaction between Smart Contracts and the Internet of Things ( IoT) Sensors to Increase Business Performance, Stern School of Business Associate Professors Hanna Halaburda and […]

Bitcoin Mining

ASIC Miners Are the Best Way to Ensure Bitcoin Network Security

Wholesale adoption of Bitcoin Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) mining (BTC) will raise a factor of up to 2,000 the cost of an attack of 51%. At the Unitize Conference on 10 July, Rod Garratt University of California Santa Barbara presented the study co-authored by Maarten van Ordt of the Bank of Canada. It looked at […]

India: TCS announces new crypto services solution, Quartz

TCS India Announces New Crypto Services, Quartz

India has an active crypto-community with numerous crypto-companies striving to develop the space. And working with regulators to develop appropriate guidance. After the Supreme Court overturned the Central Bank ‘s ban on banking, the crypto business got a new lease of life and the country also saw interest from many others in starting a new […]

Ethereume Network Is Stronger Than Ever Before as DeFi, USDT_ETH Grows

As the Bitcoin network showed signs of a bullish rally on the market, Ethereum. The second-largest crypto was not far behind in showing signs of a market upward trend. The Etheruem network has highlighted the ecosystem’s strength not only with the coin’s market position. But also with its extended ecosystem. As regards the ETH coin, […]

Researcher: Exchanges Could Fight Hackers By Renting Mining Power

Exchanges Can Battle Hackers By Renting Mining Power: Researcher

Coin Metrics researcher Lucas Nuzzi, speaking at the virtual event Unitize. Suggested that one way for exchanges to fight against hackers is by leasing online markets mining power. 6 Ticking countdown confirmations Nuzzi conjectured that a hacked exchange could rent enough hashpower through an online marketplace to oblige the network to reorganize favorably: “So it […]

A Chinese official indicated that crypto will inevitably be part of the digital capital market.

China Needs to Reform the Crypto Laws, Former Official Says

Xiao Gang, former Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, said the country is facing a digital economic transition. So they need to follow the right rules for the fast-growing crypto-market. He spoke at the 19th Pushan Lecture of the China Finance 40 Forum, or CF40, which was held online on 7 July. Several officials addressed […]

Coinbase Exec Says Money Will Flee US Due to Crypto Tax Policies

Coinbase, America’s largest exchange of cryptocurrencies, claims many countries are far more open-minded about crypto legislation and taxation than America. During the Unitize panel on 7 July, Lawrence Zlatkin, chief tax officer at Coinbase, shared the exchange of views on taxation and the global cryptocurrency industry. He was joined by Jessica Reif-Caplan, a senior tax […]

For Property E-Sealing Chinese Courts use Blockchain

Several Chinese courts also adopted blockchain technology to secure the properties using electronic seals. The People’s Court Executive Bureau in the Haidian district, Beijing. Reportedly deployed an electronic blockchain seal to secure property in Chaoyang district. E-sealing system applies to blockchain for property protection By implementing blockchain-powered e-sealing, courts can use video surveillance to track real-time […]