Author: Pitabas B

India’s First Letter of Credit Payment done through Blockchain

RIL recieves India’s First Blockchain-enabled Letter of Credit

For the time, India has recently witnessed the payment of a Letter of Credit(LC) using blockchain technology between Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) and the U.S. based Tricon Energy with the support of HSBC Holdings Plc. The financial trade transaction was executed by the HSBC India acting as the advising and negotiating bank for RIL, while the ING Bank issued the LC for Tricon Energy.

CryptoKitties popularising Cryptocurrencies through Gaming Sector

Dapper Labs, the startup behind CryptoKitties, receives $15 million for its Blockchain Project

The Dapper Labs, the startup behind CryptoKitties has received a huge amount of $15 million from different renowned companies like Indeed, Venrock, Samsung Next and GV for its Blockchain projects. Interestingly, the game has garnered $27.9 million in the venture capital in a very short period.


Japan’s Kepco to build a Blockchain Network for auto trading of Solar Power

The Japanese utility Kansai Electric Power Co. has announced about its second blockchain project six months after unveiling a collaboration with Australian company Power Ledger. In an announcement, Kepco said that they have started designing a new Blockchain system to trade surplus power generated by photovoltaic cells amongst the users without the need of any utilities as the third party.


Caribbean Examinations Council issues Blockchain-based Academic Certificates

Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) has started distributing blockchain-based certificates to 24,000 shortlisted candidates to make the verification process of educational credentials in the Caribbean faster. The regional examinations body has already started issuing certificates from October 31.

blood diamonds blockchain

Alrosa Joins De Bress’ Blockchain Pilot Project to Trace “Blood Diamonds”

Alrosa, the world’s largest diamond producer, based at Russia has recently joined De Beers’ Blockchain based pilot project “Tracr” to foster industry confidence in diamonds’ provenance and quality. The platform will enhance the uniqueness of the diamonds by assigning them unique digital certificate powered by a Blockchain directory.  


Visa could support crypto in future, if it gets a global nod, says CEO

The CEO of Visa, Al Kelly, said that the company could support crypto in the future if the market will show potential acceptance to all crypto coins as is the case now for Bitcoin and Ethereum. He opined that as of now reserve currencies are the base of all Visa products and cryptocurrencies as an asset is not a threat to them. Therefore, the company is not in a hassle to look for the possibilities of technological integration.

combank blokchain

ComBank joins with Ripple to create Blockchain-powered Transfers

The Commercial Bank of Ceylon has recently announced its collaboration with Ripple Blockchain for improving the transfer process. The leading bank of Sri Lanka eyes to enable virtually instant and super secure inward and outward blockchain technology-powered settlements to take place. 

unocoin final

India’s First Cryptocurrency ATM seized, Co-Founder arrested

Just a week after the installation of India’s first ever cryptocurrency ATM by Unocoin, RBI put it into a dire situation. Last Sunday, The Cyber Crime Police in Bengaluru seized the ATM and arrested company’s Co-Founder, Harish BN for circumventing RBI regulations against curbing cryptocurrency related activities in India. 


Infosys Finacle partners with R3 to bring Blockchain Solutions for banks

Infosys announced about the partnership between its very owned Finacle and another mighty blockchain software company R3, for creating blockchain solutions for banks by integrating Finacle’s blockchain solutions on Corda, as published by Infosys on Wednesday, October 24. Corda is R3’s open-source blockchain platform that aims to help a wider range of business by using blockchain in their sector.