Author: Biswa P


Blockchain Firm Fluidity Turns Manhattan Real Estate Shares Worth $36.5 Million to Digital Tokens

The Manhattan block has 12 luxury apartments and has a market face value worth $36.5 million. A blockchain startup Fluidity has partnered with a broker-dealer company Propellr to tokenize this entire multimillion-dollar block of condos on a Blockchain network thereby allowing buyers to invest as much or as little as they like.

Rap against Dictatorship

Thailand Anti-Gov Music “Rap against Dictatorship” Gets Blockchain Protection

Activists against Government and Military Authorities of Thailand have come up with a new way of protecting their controversial music video “Rap against Dictatorship” from getting censored on YouTube. They are using crypto tech to prevent unwanted censorship from the board. The activists have released the video on YouTube on October 22 which then took the entire nation by storm and has received 28 million impressions since then.

Nevada blockchain

Blockchains LLC to build a Blockchain Smart City in the deserted land of Nevada

Nevada is soon going to have a new makeover powered by Blockchain Technology. As per a recent news, Jeffry Berns, CEO of Blockchains, LLC has acquired 7,000 acres of desert land in northern Nevada to build a new type of smart city which will have its all interactions driven through Blockchain Technology. Berns has reportedly acquired the land for $170 million.


INVIoU Raises $2 Million for developing Blockchain-powered Invoice Solutions for SMEs

An Israel based technological start-up, INVioU is on its way to raise $2 million to develop a Blockchain-powered invoice solution. The solution aims at delivering a service where SME companies can generate Blockchain powered Invoices that enable for quick verification and payment from the credit provider side. The company has already raised almost $300,000 so far, as per the industry reports.


Policybazaar becomes India’s First Insurtech company to Adopt Blockchain

Policybazaar, a leading insurance web aggregator, has reportedly shown its interest in adopting Blockchain Technology to bring reformation in its services. The report also stated that Policybazaar has joined with Accrivis Network Pvt. Ltd., a data integration platform provider, to implement blockchain solutions.


Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain to aid Nasdaq’s Financial Framework

In the recent news report released by Bloomberg, Microsoft’s Azure blockchain services is going to aid Nasdaq’s Financial Framework/ Nasdaq to develop software to help traders and clearinghouses to better communicate with each other towards solving transaction issues. The platform will also enable traders to access a number of Blockchain solutions through a single interface. 


WePower becomes the First Blockchain Firm to Tokenize an Entire Grid

Recently, WePower has tokenized a year’s worth of Estonian grid data through a pilot project making it to be the world’s first ever Blockchain application in the energy sector on such a complex stand. WePower, in collaboration with Elering has become able to put all consumption and production data of the latter onto a blockchain network. 

Ajit pai

After Net Neutrality, Ajit Pai eyes Blockchain

Ajit Pai, the man who stood against net neutrality in the US will now regulate Blockchain to effectively manage the telecom sector. He is best known for his role against net neutrality law enforced by Barack Obama’s government.  Considering the potential dependency of the blockchain on the internet, it is likely that Pai and the public ledger technology will face each other down the road in near future.