Author: Archana Priyadarshini

Fiat Cryptography

MIT’s Fiat Cryptography Will Help Secure Online Data

MIT researchers have designed a system that will run complicated mathematical algorithms with the help of the Fiat Cryptography code. It will help protect your online communication. All MIT-developed system code protects about 90% of the secured Google Chrome browser. The MIT researchers presented their paper at the recent IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy […]

Facebook's Cryptocurrency in Russia

No Facebook Cryptocurrency in Russia.?

Anatoly Aksakov, a chairman of the Russian State Duma committee says that Facebook’s Cryptocurrency will not be legalized in Russia. He believes the cryptocurrency might pose a threat to the country’s financial system. Apart from this, he also said Russia has no plans to legalize the active circulation of virtual currencies that are based on […]

US users banned from crypto trading

Bancor: US Users To be Banned From Crypto Trading On Its Platform

Decentralized crypto exchange Bancor announced that US users are banned from crypto trading on its platform starting from July 8. The announcement cited the uncertainty in the US crypto laws as the reason behind this strong decision. This announcement comes from the official blog post of the company. The post stated that this move would […]

Odyssey 3.6

TRON Upgrades to Odyssey 3.6 With Security Enhancements

TRON’s mainnet Odyssey will soon see an upgrade to version 3.6, dubbed Odyssey 3.6. The new version will have a more lightweight built-in event server with an added protocol data check. The information comes from TRON’s official blog post. The TRON network now supports the creation of decentralized applications(DApps) on its platform. It will direct […]


Digital Assets Partners With Amazon’s AWS To Enhance DAML Interoperability

Blockchain firm Digital Asset’s is partnering with AWS(Amazon Web Services)to make its open-source smart contract language, DAML, more accessible. DAML( Digital Asset Modeling Language ) is a functional language for business workflows. It will now be compatible with enterprise blockchain-maker giants Hyperledger Fabric and R3 Corda. The integration will be available by July. Digital Asset’s […]

Blockchain in Cannabis Tracking

Canadian Pharmacy Will Implement Blockchain in Cannabis Tracking

Canadian Pharmacy Shoppers Drug Mart has partnered with TruTrace Technologies Inc. to implement blockchain in medical cannabis tracking. It is a pilot program to provide software to track medical cannabis from seed to final product. This information comes from a popular news outlet. The blockchain technology will provide detailed information about the quality of medical […]

ETH based Cloud Interaction

Google Cloud Teams up With Chainlink’s Middleware For an ETH based Cloud Interaction

The Google Cloud has teamed up with Chainlink’s Oracle Middleware for an ETH based cloud interaction. The collaboration will also help on chain interaction with ETH’s DApps and smart contracts. The information comes from a blog post by Google. ETH’s DApps will integrate data from sources outside the blockchain through a partnership with Chainlink. This […]


Ampleforth Carries out Record Token sale: $5 Million Raised in 11 seconds

Ampleforth carries out a record token sale in the initial exchange offering of Bitfinex Tokeinex. The firm saw its maximum cap i.e $5 million raised in just 11 seconds. This information comes from an announcement by Ampleforth. The Ampleforth sale reflected ten percent of AMPL’s token supply. Apparently, those who were in the sale will receive […]

Crypto Exchange in US

Binance To Launch a Crypto Exchange in the US

Crypto giant Binance is all set to launch a new crypto exchange in the US, called Binance US. It has partnered with BAM Trading Services to manage and operate the new exchange. The information comes from a press release. BAM will use Binance’s wallet and matching engine products whereas Binance will offer BAM Trading Services. […]