Cryptocurrency in India: an unsolved mystery

Cryptocurrency in India has a reasonably active community. The government restrictions have prevented it from being the wonder which it could be. Authorities are against it, enthusiasts want it, but do we really need it? Is our country ready to embrace decentralized currencies?…

Centralization vs Blockchain

Will Decentralized Internet take over the world with Blockchain?

We are nothing without the internet. Letters became Emails, Postcards became SMSs, Notifications replaced messengers, Wikipedia replaced Encyclopedia and there are tons of other examples. Life turns smooth, easy and hassles free. But, is it so? Are we keeping anything at stake? Everything seems to be perfect. Or will another Neo come? Who will have […]

Blockchain in solving business problems

Implementations of Blockchain in Solving Business Problems

In order to run your business smoothly, solving business problems is an important part that you have to look into regularly. These issues can potentially damage your business, therefore solving them should be your priority. Blockchain in solving business problems is very useful…

Blockchain in food industry

Implementations of Blockchain in the Food Industry

Blockchain technology could transform the entire food industry, by increasing efficiency, transparency and collaboration throughout the food system. The blockchain technology is a shared, distributed ledger of transactions over a decentralized peer-to-peer network…

Blockchain in Education

Potential Uses of Blockchain in Education

Education is the next industry that blockchain will revolutionize. Its global community features consensus, transparency, and permanence which is synonymous to the blockchain. Like education, blockchain not only intends to transfer just content but also the value inherent in that content…

Blockchain in election voting

Use of Blockchain in Election Voting: Implementations

There are many who believe blockchain in election voting can and will provide a new method of voting. The new method will be more secure, easier and will allow for more people to perform their basic civic duty. Elections face attacks from many factors…

Use of Blockchain in sports

Use of Blockchain in Sports: Implementations And Potential

The introduction of blockchain in the sports industry will introduce innovative applications that can transform the entire industry. Sports fans can invest in upcoming athletes and underfunded sports organizations. Also, these fans can gain high returns after the athletes or sports organizations generate high revenue…

Cryptocurrency in Developing Countries

Cryptocurrency In Developing Countries: A Means Of Development

Poverty, high unemployment levels, corruption, and inflation are some of the problems that are common to developing countries around the world. Cryptocurrency in developing countries has the power to change these afflictions, with solutions for a variety of issues…

consensus algorithms in blockchain

Consensus Algorithms in Blockchain Technology

Consensus algorithms in the blockchain technology are the primary roots of the network and are responsible for the nature of the network. Blockchain is completely secure because of the presence of the consensus protocol. Let us see what exactly is the consensus algorithms in the blockchain technology…

Blockchain Technology in the Healthcare System

Use Of Blockchain Technology In The Healthcare System

The requirement of development becomes much higher when it comes to the field of healthcare. We need quality healthcare services backed up with the latest technology. Moreover, the healthcare system landscape is taking a shift towards a more patient-centric approach…