Top Consumer-centric Applications of Blockchain

Top Five Consumer-Centric Use Cases of Blockchain

Since its inception, Blockchain has been flooding the Internet with news on various partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, product launches, implementations and what not. Undeniably, the technology has been doing wonders in all the domains, from agriculture to financial systems. It is amazing to see the way blockchain has streamlined businesses and governance across the globe. Companies, nations, and experts have already claimed that the technology has a lot to offer to the humankind.

Is Blockchain Hackable

Is Blockchain Hackable? Here’s the Long Story Short!

The hype of blockchain technology came into existence with the launch of Bitcoin in 2007. Since then, although cryptocurrencies have gone through several ups and downs, the blockchain craze has been steadily increasing. However, taking a closer look, you’ll realize that the real hype is all about the distributed ledger property of blockchain that makes it immutable and hack-proof. These systems use high-level encryption for data transfers, yet the question that arises is: Is blockchain really hack-proof?

Top 5 Blockchain Applications That Can See Significant Uprise in 2019

Top 5 Blockchain Applications That Can See Significant Uprise in 2019

Since its introduction, blockchain has been quite in the news as a breakthrough technology. Though it is still in its nascent stage, yet successful implementations of blockchain projects have been ever growing. To explore what blockchain has in its basket for 2019, one must have a glance at services such as Hybrid Blockchains, BaaS, Ricardian Contracts, Blockchain Interoperability, Stable Coins. These cutting-edge platforms are going to revolutionize the technology sector.