Blockchain Can Disrupt the Gaming Industry

How Blockchain Can Disrupt the Gaming Industry

Blockchain, as we know, has gradually been forraying into various public domains. This includes major sectors such as banking, medicine, production supply, law and order, agricultural sector, etc. There are firms that are busy building blockchain platforms and providing it to the other big and small players of various domains…

Best Hardware Crypto Wallets

Best Hardware Crypto Wallets of 2019

Cryptocurrencies have literally brought massive disruption to the financial domain. Elimination of the need for intermediary or banking institutions is a major attribute of cryptocurrency. This particular feature has managed to turn the gaze of enthusiasts and multitudes of commoners alike. Today there are a number of cryptocurrencies along with major exchanges…

Blockchain-based Social Media Networks

Top 5 Blockchain-based Social Media Networks

Social media has now become a primary part of the life of every individual around the globe. There is barely a soul that is not immersed in the virtual realm of social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. With each passing day, millions of people from different corners of the world are getting into all kind of social media available around them..

Hard Fork in the Blockchain

A Detailed Explanation of Soft Fork and Hard Fork in the Blockchain

One of the most important features of blockchain is its ability to fork. If you have the slightest interest in blockchain and crypto, you will regularly come across the terms hard fork and soft fork. In case, it never aroused your curiosity, let us explain and simplify it for you. A fork in the blockchain […]

Bitcoin Debit Card

How Bitcoin Debit Card Will Shape the Future of Cryptocurrencies

For our day-to-day banking uses, we make use of credit and debit cards. Thanks to technology now we have plastic banking cards that we can use to withdraw money as well as use it to pay for the things we purchase. Now, with the concept of cryptocurrencies, a person may think these are digital currencies. […]

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology: The Future of Banking System

Blockchain initiated as a database for cryptocurrency Bitcoin. However, with passing time and its vast possibilities Blockchain gradually became the long-sought disrupt for various domains. Banking firms are the primary domain that can utilize blockchain technology in versatile ways. In fact, many banks have already begun experimenting with blockchain by integrating new systems with their […]

Five Record-Breaking Cryptocurrency Scams in 2018

Five Record-Breaking Cryptocurrency Scams in 2018

The controversy of cryptocurrencies is not going to die any sooner. Right from the time of start till date, crypto investors have always been on a roller coaster journey. Out of many, here are a few cryptocurrency scams that looted people and left them bankrupt during 2018. Check them out! $530 Million Hack in Japan […]

Kik Will Fight SEC

Top 5 Most Popular Bitcoin Lightning Network Wallets

The Lightning Network provides cryptocurrency investors with an alternative over congested blockchain networks. Ever since, people have started facing scalability issues with Bitcoins, alongside several problems have been highlighted such as transaction delays and associated transaction fees. With lightning Networks, investors are able to enjoy faster transactions at lower costs. People have high expectations from […]

Future of Logistics: Blockchain-Powered Supply Chain Management

Future of Logistics: Blockchain-Powered Supply Chain Management

Until a few years back, consumer expectations were much less. Unlike today, they did not mind waiting even for a week or so, to get an order delivered at their doorstep. However, the current scenario is completely different; customers not only give preference to an item’s quality and price, but also their turnaround times. Today, […]

Indian Government Enthusiastically Adopting Blockchain Technology

Indian Government Enthusiastically Adopting Blockchain Technology

In the race of blockchain technology adoption, India has been performing quite well so far. What’s been even more interesting is the fact that, in spite of the country’s stern stand against Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, it has embraced the technology with open arms. Moreover, to boost the prospects of decentralized systems in India, Prime […]