Blockchain Can Disrupt the Gaming Industry

How Blockchain Can Disrupt the Gaming Industry

Blockchain, as we know, has gradually been forraying into various public domains. This includes major sectors such as banking, medicine, production supply, law and order, agricultural sector, etc. There are firms that are busy building blockchain platforms and providing it to the other big and small players of various domains. There is a willingness to experiment and blockchain has seen successful implementation so far.

However, blockchain also holds the possibility to mark a breakthrough into another thriving industry out there. In case you’re guessing, we are referring to the multi-million dollar worth of gaming industry. Yes, the gaming business is one of the most profitable business in recent times.

Blockchain Can Disrupt the Gaming Industry

Earlier a decade ago or before that games were restricted to high-end PCs/computers. Some of that was limited to PlayStation and XBOXs which are expensive consoles not everyone was able to afford. However, the boom in technology brought along smartphones. Let be Android or iOS, there is not a soul out there who doesn’t brandish a smartphone. Further enhancements in the technology have made the smartphones adapt to high-end technologies both in terms of hardware and software.

Though digital gaming has come a long way, it still needs to deal with a few issues which can further help to boost a game maker’s business in the industry. That will happen only when the gaming industry will rendezvous with Blockchain.

So, let’s see how blockchain can disrupt the gaming industry. We have outlined some possible implementations that have the potential to enhance the current scenario of the whole gaming business making it more decentralized.

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Blockchain Can Disrupt the Gaming Industry: Various Implementations

Now, let’s see what are the various use of blockchain that will actually enhance the gaming industry and also pave the way for a better seamless gaming experience.

Scope of Decentralization

All the in-game entities we see are the assets of the gaming company. It may be for any game. Usually, these assets are maintained in a centralized server. So, this means outside of the game, a player cannot sell his assets or buy new assets.

The only way to sell, trade or buy any assets is by taking advantage of some exploit or bug present in the game. This is very rare and if any such issue is noticed by the game developers they will fix the bug and get rid of those who are illicitly taken advantage of the bug.

So, if blockchain is implemented users will have more control over their assets. Assets mean the stuff they are awarded in-game or if they make the in-app purchases.

Overcome Piracy

Piracy is one of the most recurring issues in gaming. It was right there a decade ago. Till now, it’s still out there causing loss to the game making industry. If you go around looking on Torrent sites, you can find almost any of the games with its setup files and serial numbers, etc. They even leak the games as they release in the market.

So, if blockchain integrates into gaming, the games can make use of unique IDs so as no one can copy or re-distribute them over torrent sites. Only genuine buyers get the game. Also, if anyone tries to use the pirated version, the gaming company would be notified and the concerned person won’t be able to play it.

Transparency Factor Empowering Faster Payment

Developers usually make money from their app by selling it in the app store. In-app purchases are now becoming very common in almost all popular games out there. The games are being designed in such a way that to get ahead in a game, a gamer has to win assets or purchase them by paying money. Now, the traditional method of payment goes under the scrutiny of banks. There are various elements in the process that will charge some fees for the payment to process.

So, if blockchain enters the scene, then the need for so many intermediaries will be promptly eliminated. The developers can get the full amount for their game app as well as other purchases. Besides purchasing would be more secure and faster. Gamers can also pay in cryptocurrencies.

No Place for Bad Gamers

Often in games, we see there are a certain number of players who are retorting to use cheats, scripts to unethically play and win. There is also another group who just blatantly keep abusing other players with every cuss word possible in the gameplay. Gaming is a thing of fun, enjoyment, and relaxation. So, to encourage a better and less toxic gaming environment

So, blockchain is the ledger where everything gets recorded, if applied in a game the complete gaming action of all session will get duly recorded. This means all actions of every player involved in any session will remain on the record. Anyone who comes up with cheats to play games or show any bad behavior will not be allowed to play and banned from the concerned server.

Concluding Note

No system is perfect but rigorous R&D, testing and implementation can do wonders. Blockchain is already successful in other domains. So, if it marks a full-fledged entry into the gaming industry it will definitely pave way for above-described implementations as well as other new features that will give a new direction to the modern day gaming industry.

That’s it, folks. These are some possible uses of blockchain where gamers and gaming business can take advantages and enhance their experience. If implemented thoughtfully, indeed blockchain can disrupt the gaming industry. Stay tuned with Askrypto for more such posts.