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Top 5 Most Popular Bitcoin Lightning Network Wallets

The Lightning Network provides cryptocurrency investors with an alternative over congested blockchain networks. Ever since, people have started facing scalability issues with Bitcoins, alongside several problems have been highlighted such as transaction delays and associated transaction fees. With lightning Networks, investors are able to enjoy faster transactions at lower costs.

People have high expectations from the lightning network currently, as it’s allowing the Bitcoin ecosystem to become a complete peer-to-peer digital cash system. The main appeal of the lightning networks is wrapped in its features such as extremely low fees, instant payments, robustness, overall scaling improvements, etc.

While continuous efforts are being made by developers to add in new features to the lightning network protocols, there are already a few splendid crypto wallets that have been built to allow users take its benefits. However, finding the best Bitcoin Lightning Network wallet can seem to be a tough job, as no single wallet is designed to fit in all the options that are looked for by an investor.

Here’s a list of top five Bitcoin Lightning Network Wallets that have been curated as easy-to-use user interfaces:

  1. Bitcoin Lightning Wallet: Bitcoin Lightning Wallet is one of the most powerful lightning apps available on Android, that allows users do Bitcoin and Lightning transactions using their Android smartphones.
  2. Eclair: This is another Bitcoin wallets that is available on Android smartphones. Eclair enables its users create Bitcoin wallets and provides support for Lightning network technology. The unique selling proposition of this Bitcoin wallet is that it allows users to utilize it as a regular wallet if they do not want to engage with Lightning Network technology.
  3. Zap: The wallet is available on smartphones as well as desktops, including Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Zap interface allows users to send and receive Bitcoin payments easily over Lightning Network.
  4. Wallet of Satoshi: This interface is available on both Android and iOS. Wallet of Satoshi allows seamless Bitcoin transactions, just like any fiat currency transaction over any traditional cash transaction app.
  5. Spark: Spark is again available on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms, and uses c-lightening on its backend. It can also be accessed over a web browser. It eases Lightning Network transactions over multiple platforms. This is one of the most popular Lightning wallets due its compatibility across all devices.