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Blockchain-Powered Tokenized Games Are Helping Gamers Make Money

Blockchain is surely not all about Bitcoins only. In just a few years, the nascent technology has created a dent in every industry. It has already found applications in healthcare, supply chain management, banking and finance, agriculture, retail sector, etc. ensuring security and transparency. It has successfully helped in reducing frauds in various sectors by issuing Blockchain-powered certificates, food and wine tracking, authenticating diamonds, tracing logistics, and a lot more. All thanks to the transparency, traceability, and immutability of the cryptographically secured platform, that the term ‘Blockchain’ has managed to be the most searched word in Google search engines.

All sounds overwhelming! But, what about the entertainment sector, such as gaming? Are there any use cases of blockchain in this domain that offer a secure yet exciting gaming experience? The answer is, Yes! They certainly do. In fact, gamers can be counted amongst the early adopters of cryptocurrencies, because the concept of virtual currency already exited in the gaming industry much prior to Bitcoins. Interestingly, with tokenization, it has become even greater fun by enabling gamers make money out of their games.

Check out the list of most popular blockchain-based games that not only entertain the gamers, but also let then earn tokens that can be utilized in different ways.

Gods Unchained

Developed on the Ethereum Blockchain, the game claims itself as the first-ever eSport Blockchain game. The game allows players, featured as gods, to battle with each other for claiming the supremacy and compete for large sums of Ether in its World Championship, getting entry ticket to which is done by using ERC-20 token . Being a multiplayer game, players can buy, sell, and battle using virtual cards and often received with higher profit than invested. As each card is an ERC-721 token, ownership is secured and cannot be altered as claimed by the mind behind the game. The game was built by Fuel Games, a startup by investors such as Coinbase, and uses both ERC721 and ERC20 tokens. The game also allows players to search and own rare items which can be later traded with other players with a huge profit.


Another mindblowing innovation created on the Ethereum Blockchain is CryptoKitties that features adorable kittie,s which can be collected, bred, traded or sold for gaining Ethers on the game. These tokens can be later used for in-game purchases, such as accessories and rare items for the beloved kitties. These non-fungible digital collectibles can be bought by investing Ethereum. Ethereum claims that each crypto kitty is not only unique in its nature and characteristics, but also has a unique value as each of them represents an ERC721 token.


Although Decentraland does not qualify to be called as a game, it is rather a platform which has been developed for aiding developers and players create virtual-reality (VR) blockchain-based games. The game has been developed on Ethereum Blockchain which provides users with a VR platform for creating monetization opportunities by focusing on making a VR world. Moreover, the game’s graphics include a visit to casino, access to tons of live music, chance to attend workshops, shopping with friends, starting business, test drive a car, and visit an underwater resort. Equipped with Software Developer’s Kit (SDK), anyone can develop games and applications on the platform using various Decentraland tools to preview their games before actually uploading it for mass use.


Based on the popular Cartoon series ‘Pokemon’, Etheremon was launched in the year 2015 based on Ethereum Blockchain. As the name describes, players can capture, train, battle, level up, and trade mons for profit. The game combines the aspects of blockchain gaming and virtual reality to create a decentralized world, where rather than the company, the players have ownership of their mons. The mons represent individual, non-fungible ERC721 tokens and in case of unique and rare characteristics, the demand of the Etheremon goes up.


A cute collection of fierce dragons is what makes the game interesting. Being another game which has been developed on the Ethereum Blockchain, the game involves two kinds of tokens, ERC721 tokens and DST, an ERC20 token. Players can own, battle, sell, and trade their unique dragons to earn a profit. Similarly, for strengthening a dragon’s skills, players need to increase their hit point, skills, and glory, which can later help the players earn huge amounts of Ether from wars or exchanges.

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