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Crypto Mining Malware Targets Android Devices This Time

Trend Micro, the cybersecurity and defense firm recently detected a new crypto mining malware affecting Android devices. This malware is affecting multiple Android phones due to the ADB developer function enabled by default, as a means to debug apps. ADB ports, once installed it will spread to any system via SSH connection. The botnet takes […]

crypto mining malware

Malware In The Crypto Trading Platform Website

In a new campaign by malware researcher, Fumik0_ discovers attackers have created a clone website of the Cryptohopper crypto trading platform. The website when visited will automatically download a setup.exe installer. It distributes malware payloads such as information-stealing Trojans, miners, and clipboard hijackers. This Setup.exe installer uses the Cryptohopper logo as its icon which looks […]


New Crypto Malware BlackSquid Spotted: Infects and Installs XMRig Monero Miner

It’s another day in the world of cryptocurrencies and one more crypto malware to deal with. We are talking about the newly discovered crypto jacking malware BlackSquid. This malware uses web server exploits and brute-force attack to hit the network drives, removable drives, etc. Apparently, it uses eight exploits to infect a system. after accessing […]

GateHub Hack

Crypto Malware Nanshou​ Campaign Affects 50,000 Servers

The crypto malware Nanshou​ Campaign continues to pose as a threat for various business and services around the world. As of now, it has hit over 50,000 servers. It was first spotted earlier this year. The latest report about the malware comes from the security firm Guardicore Labs. the cryptoware is powerful enough to affect […]

Malware In The Crypto Trading

App Offering Free Bitcoins is a Scam: Malware Hunter

An independent malware hunter alleges an app offering free bitcoins is a scam. Various websites are promoting the scam. This scam offers several programs that reportedly reward users with free cryptocurrency. A malware hunter called Frost revealed about the app called “Bitcoin Collector” via a tweet. In the tweet, he has warned the people against […]


Shellbot Malware is Back with A New Update and Modus Operandi

The crypto jacking Shellbot Malware is back in the scene again with some new upgrades and abilities. Apparently, it can hack into Linux servers based on a network. The malware usually makes use of SSH brute-force to gain access to systems with weak passwords. It can infect a network and mine the cryptocurrency Monero(XMR). What […]

Crypto Malware Beapy

New Crypto Malware Beapy Spotted: Uses NSA Hacking Tools

A new crypto mining malware named Beapy has been spotted by American security company Symantec. Apparently, it uses hacking tools of the National security Agency (NSA) to demand ransomware. Its major targets are corporate firms. The Crypto Malware Beapy first came into limelight in January 2019. As of now, it has spread over 12,000 infections […]

Ryuk Malware Loots 705 Bitcoins Worth $3.7 Million

Ryuk Malware Loots 705 Bitcoins Worth $3.7 Million

Ryuk Malware, an email phishing scam, has reportedly enabled hackers to loot Bitcoins worth $3.7 million (705 bitcoins) in less than 6 months from large companies and government organizations. Hackers use a Trojan named TrickBot to encrypt and lock the hard drives of targets until a huge ransom is paid. Companies like Crowdstrike and McAfee have stated that the malware seems to originate from Russia.

NCB caught crypto darkweb drug dealer

Indian Authorities Capture First Crypto Darkweb Drug Dealer

India has captured its first darknet crypto drug dealer in an investigation by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB). The defendant allegedly sent thousands of tablets of psychotropic drugs all over the world and received payments in digital assets to confound authorities. NCB Captures Darkweb Drug Peddler According to the report, NCB on Sunday arrest the […]