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IBM Blockchain App for Sustainable Coffee

IBM Blockchain App “Thank My Farmer” Aims to Tackle Coffee Traceability

IBM Blockchain in collaboration with traceability platform Farm Connect is planning to bring a new app “Thank My Farmer” into the mainstream. As a result, consumers will have the power to track their morning joe from the store where they buy coffee beans to the farm where it was grown. The app uses IBM’s blockchain […]

Volkswagen Will Use IBM Blockchain

Volkswagen Will Use IBM Blockchain to Track its Mineral Supply chains

Soon, Volkswagen will use IBM Blockchain to track its mineral supply chains. this info officially comes from the announcement made by the renowned German automaker. It aims towards empowering the company to record mineral tracing in real-time. The MNC in its blog said that this move will help fulfill the sourcing standards set by the […]

Securitize Joins IBM Blockchain Accelerator program to Handle Debt Market

Securitize Joins IBM Blockchain Accelerator program to Handle Debt Market

Securitize, the compliance platform for digital securities, has joined IBM Blockchain Accelerator program to deal with debt market problems. According to sources, the accelerator program is expected to be of three months duration which will include a workshop on blockchain architecture and consultations with IBM mentors. The firm has also stated its plans to integrate Hyperledger to offer blockchain-powered debt services.

MineHub Alliances with IBM Blockchain Platform to Enhance Supply Chain Platform

MineHub Alliances with IBM Blockchain Platform to Enhance Supply Chain Platform

MineHub Technologies, Inc. has partnered with IBM blockchain platform to enhance tracking, logistics, financing and efficient organization of minerals supply chain. The duo has also announced their plans to collaboratively work to find new ways of scaling up the platform, explore new use cases, and implement the latest technologies into the platform in the future.

standard chartered bank

Standard Chartered Bank Joins IBM & Maersk’s Blockchain Shipping Platform

Standard Chartered Bank has become the first financial institution to join TradeLens, the global blockchain shipping platform created by IBM and the Danish logistics giant Maersk. The London-headquartered bank announced its decision on March 10, with global head of trade, Michael Spiegel, stating that digital ecosystems like TradeLens have the potential to promote the sustainability […]

ibm blockchain network

French Food Company Looks to IBM’s Blockchain for Better Sourcing

IBM Food Trust Blockchain platform has onboarded one more French manufacturer. The company is seeking to enhance the transparency of product provenance and supply chain. The Avril Group (a vegetable oil, eggs & protein manufacturer, and the owner of brands Matines and Lesieur) has begun using IBM’s blockchain network to ensure traceability of its products. […]

IBM blockchain patents

US: IBM Leads Top Patent Assignees with Patents in AI and Blockchain

Tech giant IBM cemented its patent leadership in the United States, with over 9,000 received patents including blockchain and Artificial Intelligence in 2019. With the 9,626 patents secured, IBM became the company that received the most patents in the U.S. ever. It now becomes the leader on the list for the 27th consecutive year as […]

IBM enterprise blockchain

IBM Launches Updated Version of its Enterprise Blockchain

IBM takes its blockchain game one step higher with the launch of the updated version of its enterprise blockchain. Post the new update, blockchain networks will find it easy to operate across multiple environments. The fresh version of the system introduces a new feature which enables the users to pay as per the services they […]