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Ethereum Based Synthetix Suffers An Oracle Attack

Synthetix, a synthetic asset issuance platform built on Ethereum, suffered an Oracle Attack recently. The platform lost over 37 million sETH(Synthetic Ethereum). Synthetix CEO Kain Warwick said that he believes an arbitrage bot attacked the platform automatically. This was when they saw the price feed was returning the wrong value. Warwick has the owner of […]

Atlantis hard fork

Ethereum Classic’s Atlantis Hard Fork To Launch Soon

Ethereum Classic (ETC) has officially planned to set the Atlantis hard fork at block 8,772,000 on September 17. The Ethereum Classic Improvement Protocol (ECIP) finalization call made the confirmation. The implementation of Atlantis hard fork aims to fulfill two priorities. The first is to create high-quality blockchain software to safeguard network security. The second is […]

FINRA approves Grayscale Ethereum Trust for small investors

FINRA approves Grayscale Ethereum Trust for Small Investors!

FINRA(Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) approves  Grayscale Ethereum Trust for individual investors. It will be soon accessible for all the retail investors looking to buy into the trust in the over-the-counter markets. It is the first US free security that exclusively puts resources into and getting an incentive from the cost of Ethereum. Grayscales made an […]

Ethereum Foundation's $30 million project

$30 Million Project Disclosure: Ethereum Foundation

On May 21, Ethereum Foundation declares about its $30 million project for network development in the upcoming year.  The announcement was made on its official blog content. The classification disclosure includes the future ethereum at $19 million, supporting today’s ethereum at $8 million, and the developer reinforces at $3 million. Project Ethereum 2.0 will get […]

Azure Blockchain Development Kit for Ethereum

Microsoft Drops First Preview of Azure Blockchain Development Kit for Ethereum

Microsoft is always busy experimenting with blockchain and its immense possibilities. Speaking of which, the company has recently launched the preview of its new Azure Blockchain Development Kit for Ethereum. It will be an extension to the Visual Studio Code. The extension will enable the developers to develop blockchain apps using the Azure Blockchain Service. […]