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Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank: Cryptocurrencies Won’t Replace Cash Anytime Soon

Germany’s largest bank, Deutsche Bank, unveils that cryptocurrencies won’t replace fiat anytime soon. The bank says cash is unlikely to disappear anytime soon despite declining use as a payment method and the surge of digital currencies. The German multinational investment bank, Deutsche Bank, predicts previously that cryptocurrencies will replace fiat by 2030. But now claims […]

cryptocurrencies in india

Cryptocurrencies in India Not Banned; But Don’t Bank on It – Says RBI

The Reserve Bank of India today reveals that it hadn’t banned cryptocurrencies in India but only ringfenced regulated entities like banks. It’s because of the risks associated with the trading of such virtual assets. The central bank of India said this in a response to a petition filed by the IAMAI. Internet and Mobile Association […]


Why Should You Focus on Blockchain Technology and Forget about Cryptocurrencies in Future?

The cryptocurrencies we are aware of to date make use of a decentralized network called blockchain technology. Blockchain records and documents every digital transaction take place inside the network using a particular digital currency. Blockchain technology is a digital transaction ledger which maintains identical copies across each member computer operating within the network. Anyone willing […]

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Californian dark web drug dealer will forfeit cryptocurrencies

The District Court Judge has sentenced a Californian dark web drug dealer Sky Justin Gornik to 70 months in prison. This is because he participated in delivering, distributing and dispensing drugs through the internet. As part of his guilty plea, Gornik will forfeit millions of dollars cryptocurrency. Sky Gornik is a 39-year-old resident of California. […]

Bitcoin Debit Card

How Bitcoin Debit Card Will Shape the Future of Cryptocurrencies

For our day-to-day banking uses, we make use of credit and debit cards. Thanks to technology now we have plastic banking cards that we can use to withdraw money as well as use it to pay for the things we purchase. Now, with the concept of cryptocurrencies, a person may think these are digital currencies. […]

Central Bank of Laos Prohibits Cryptocurrencies

Central Bank of Laos Prohibits Cryptocurrencies

Probably following the footsteps of the RBI, now Central Bank of Laos Prohibits Cryptocurrencies and related activities. Of course, the blockade is on sales purchase and trading of digital money. Prior to this, the bank has already put an active ban on financial firms from doing any kind of business regarding crypto. The primary concern […]

No Financial Threat from cryptocurrencies for Euro Zone..?

No Financial Threat from Cryptocurrencies for Euro Zone..?

In its most recent paper distributed on Friday, the European Central Bank said the consolidated estimation of crypto-resources is small in respect to the financial framework. The linkages still constrain the monetary part. As of now, Cryptocurrency is not a danger to monetary dependability in the Euro Zone. The digital currency is not functioning like […]