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Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi to change their crypto regulations to comply with FATF

Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi Change Crypto Regulations to Align with FATF

On Feb 26, Hong Kong’s financial secretary Paul Chan stated that his administration will strengthen its Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF) policies regarding cryptocurrencies. In his recent budget speech, Chain indicated that the amendments will address recommendations made by the global financial watchdog, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). New Regulations to affect […]

Ripple sends request letter to US Regulators for new crypto regulations

Ripple requests US Congress for new crypto regulations

Ripple, the blockchain payment network has made an open request to the US regulators for making supportive crypto regulations. It has signed an open letter to Congress making a request for fresh regulations. The letter has highlighted that it considers the importance of banks and policies for the monetary exchange system…

New Crypto regulation

New Crypto Regulations Passes To Upper House in Japan

New crypto regulations passes to the upper house from the Japanese parliament. This information has come from the local news agency report. As per the report, emendations made to two of Japan’s financial laws, the Financial Instrument and Exchange Act and Payment Service Act. It aims to vitalize the provincial regulations of the crypto trading […]

Government of India Invites Law Firm to Opine on Crypto Regulations

Government of India Invites Law Firm to Opine on Crypto Regulations

The Government of India has summoned lawyers from Nishith Desai Associates who are currently opposing the crypto banking ban circular proposed by the Reserve Bank of India. The association was asked to give its suggestions for drafting the crypto regulations in India. In response, the committee has prepared and submitted a document which states that India should adopt a balanced regulatory approach to reap the benefits of the technology and escape the risks involved.

Central Bank of Bahrain Issues Draft for Crypto Regulations

Central Bank of Bahrain Issues Draft for Crypto Regulations

The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) has prepared draft rules for regulation of digital assets and related aspects of the nation’s crypto industry. The CBB rules cover the implementation of a licensing regime for crypto-trading services providers. In addition, a supervisory mechanism has also been developed for companies offering crypto assets related services.

brazilian cryptocurrency exchanges hits hard with crypto tax regulations

Brazilian Cryptocurrency Exchanges Hit Hard by Tax Regulations

Legislators in Brazil have gotten support to regulate the crypto market following allegations of fraud at Atlas Quantum, Zero10, and Trader Group last year. And, February saw some of the results of those actions. has reported that two major cryptocurrency exchanges based in the South American nation have been shut down following threats of […]

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Australian Financial Regulator Introduces New Crypto Assets Regulations

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) has announced new ICOs and crypto assets regulations. These regulations explain the legal responsibility of the firms under the Corporations Act, the ASIC Act, and other laws. According to ASIC, ICOs and crypto assets are the financial products that are supervised under the Corporation Act. To hold such […]

New Cryptocurrency Regulation

New Cryptocurrency Regulation in Chile Will be Implemented Soon

The Govt. of Chile will soon introduce new cryptocurrency regulations for empowering the related business as well as security. The official announcement comes from Chilean finance minister Felipe Larraín. He mentions that the new cryptocurrency regulation will be beneficial to business running over various domains. The rules will be in accordance with the business models […]