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China has banned crypto mining in Anhui Province

The Chinese government is continuing its crackdown on crypto mining by suspending operations in yet another province. According to local news agency Hefei Online, authorities in Anhui, a small province in eastern China, have announced a set of measures to address rising electricity demand and a resulting power supply shortage over the next three years. Anhui […]

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COVID is forcing Chinese Internet cafes to become crypto mining hubs

As social distancing measures continue to bite in China, internet cafe owners are turning their businesses into crypto mining centers. According to The Time Weekly, via Sina, a large number of 24-hour internet cafes, designed primarily for PC gamers, shut down in 2020 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. According to the media outlet, […]

Crypto Mining Giant Bitmain Confirms Problems with S17 Antminer Units

Crypto Mining Giant Bitmain Confirms Problems with S17 Antminer Units

Bitmain, a Chinese mining hardware company, has admitted having issues with some of the Antminer S17 units. A Bitmain spokesperson told on May 6: “Antminer is paying close attention to the issues of some products from the 17 series, which has recently been mentioned by the media,” Also added: “During this process, we have begun […]

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Top Graphics Cards to Choose for Crypto Mining Profit

What graphics cards will best suit for crypto mining? This question puts many in a dilemma as the choice is large and manifold. The hype cycles around cryptocurrencies are comparable in their ups and downs to the British weather. This is primarily because of high volatility, which can reduce the entire stash of a potential […]

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INTA to Make Crypto Mining in Iran Tax Free

Iran’s National Tax Administration(INTA) has made an important announcement for crypto miners in the country. Crypto mining in Iran will be eligible for tax exemption if the miners repatriate their overseas earnings…