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Coinbase Earn Initiates A Course On MakerDao’s Stablecoin

Coinbase Earn, the educational domain of the Coinbase is adding a course on MakerDao’s stablecoin dai. The users can take the help of this course for learning and earning purposes. It offers users with videos and quizzes about the stablecoin. This is the first stablecoin to be involved in the course. The information comes from […]

Course on Blockchain

Top University of US Introduces Course on Blockchain

Blockchain is now making its way into the student’s curriculum in the colleges. One of the top universities in the US has launched a course on blockchain and related technologies. We are talking about the prestigious Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. The institution has introduced an online education program that will cover the […]

Australian Institute Announces First Ever Fully Accredited Blockchain Course

Australian Institute Announces First Ever Fully Accredited Blockchain Course

An Australian Institute, Blockchain Collective, has confirmed the launch of a fully accredited Blockchain course. The course aims to provide knowledge and experience to the professionals who can work to develop the nascent technology and existing frameworks.

Cleveland Cavaliers shook hands with UnitedCoin

Crypto Firm UnitedCoin Partners with The Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers (The Cavs), the pro basketball team from Ohio and its esports club Cavs Legion GC is collaborating with the crypto firm UnitedCoin. This partnership intends to promote UnitedCoin as its official crypto partner. It will help the Cavs to enter the fintech sector with cryptocurrency…

Arizona State implements blockchain in academics records

Arizona State University Implements Blockchain In Academics Records

Arizona State University and the local community colleges are working together to implement blockchain in academics records. The Arizona State intends to use this technology for the verification and secure sharing of students academic credentials. It will provide help to know whether the student is qualified for an associate degree or not…

Blockchain in Telecom

Possible Implementations of Blockchain in Telecom

Blockchain, the latest sensation with decentralized technology is busy marking its presence in every industry out there. While every domain is experimenting with blockchain, why the telecom industry will be left behind..? There have been many proposals for implementing blockchain in telecommunication. There are also many use cases put up by experts…

Canadian University Initiates Blockchain Program

Leading Canadian University Initiates Blockchain Program for Students

Blockchain is now going places, as universities across the globe are introducing courses regarding this decentralized technology. What can be a better way other than education to spread knowledge about blockchain.? Hype goes rising as the news is out that a leading Canadian University initiates blockchain program for its students pursuing the Masters and doctorate […]