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Singapore’s Blockchain Payment Project Is Ready for Commercial Use

The Singapore authorities have announced today that their blockchain payment project, Project Ubin, is complete and ready for commercial launch. Project Ubin was initially undertaken in 2017 by the Monetary Authority of Singapore or MAS. With plans to first create a digitized Singapore dollar (SGD). The next steps involved exploring blockchain and distributed ledger technology […]

Shipping Giants Launches Blockchain Pilot to Improve Safety

The Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands has launched a blockchain-based pilot with some of the world’s leading shipping companies to boost the safety and productivity of millions of containers unloaded every year in the port, according to a port released on 9 July. Secure Container Release, recorded as replacing the conventional PIN code with a digital […]

For Property E-Sealing Chinese Courts use Blockchain

Several Chinese courts also adopted blockchain technology to secure the properties using electronic seals. The People’s Court Executive Bureau in the Haidian district, Beijing. Reportedly deployed an electronic blockchain seal to secure property in Chaoyang district. E-sealing system applies to blockchain for property protection By implementing blockchain-powered e-sealing, courts can use video surveillance to track real-time […]

UAE Startup Relies on Blockchain to Flatten Covid-19 Curve

The UAE-based startup incubator, in5, helps to develop blockchain-based methods for controlling the COVID-19 pandemic in the country and thereby flatten the curve. Liber Health, funded by in5, is one of the systems used to identify patients that supports blockchain technology. According to a study published on May 20. They are creating a contactless device […]

Chinese Media Outlets Formed Blockchain-Based News Department

A coalition of 12 Chinese media organizations formed on 21 May. To set up a “blockchain-powered news department” with local television stations, local newspapers, radio stations, and web media allied. The group is consists of media companies from all over the country. According to a report by China Email. Moreover, they use 4.0-based solutions and […]

Japan’s Top Credit Card Issuer Building Blockchain Payment System

JCB, Japan’s biggest credit card issuer, has collaborated with technology accelerator TECHFUND to create a secure transaction platform on the blockchain. The collaboration will leverage TECHFUND ‘s expertise on security token offerings (STOs) and staking to build a new transaction platform, according to a statement released by JCB on May 15. TECHFUND, which also located […]

Lamborghini Is Launching Blockchain-Based Collectible Stamps

Lamborghini Is Launching Blockchain-Based Collectible Stamps

The renowned Italian luxury sports car maker Lamborghini continues to make use of Blockchain in its corporate operations. The well-known company uses blockchain to digitize its collectible stamps, among the latest technological advancements. Lamborghini is releasing the first digital collectible stamps, the “Automobili Lamborghini Collection”. The new release, driven by blockchain technology, is a series […]

China to Officially Set Blockchain Jobs as a New Occupation

The current coronavirus pandemic is changing blockchain businesses, and its effect on the blockchain industry isn’t all negative. Despite the recent changes sparked by the crisis of coronavirus, China is taking another step towards the adoption of blockchain in order to formally acknowledge employment in the industry. The ministry responsible for national labor policies and […]

Blockchain Network Waves Opens New Covid-19 Betting Market

Blockchain Network Waves Opens New Covid-19 Betting Market

Blockchain platform Waves has introduced a new betting market. That allows users to speculate if coronavirus pandemic spread has reached its height. Customers can now buy the tokens ‘COVID-UP-SEP20’ and ‘COVID-DOWN-SEP20′ to bet on whether the number of new weekly cases worldwide will surpass April 4 – 10’s record of 595,802 confirmed infections before September. […]

TokenSoft The US Security Token Platform Joins Blockchain Association

TokenSoft The US Security Token Platform Joins Blockchain Association

Security tokens platform TokenSoft has joined the Blockchain Association (BA), a U.S .- based crypto lobbying organization. In an official announcement on April 27, the token issuance platform based in San Francisco said. That it would enter the D.C. based organization to “educate regulators and elected officials on the advantages of utilizing blockchain technology and […]