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With Bitcoin, Travellers can now get US passports in as little as 4 weeks

A visa and passport processing company based in California confirmed. That it will consider Bitcoin as a form of payment. As the US Department of State activities are starting to return to normal. According to a Nov. 6 announcement from the San Jose-based Peninsula Visa passport and visa expeditor, the company announced that it will […]


The Use of Bitcoin Increased During the Economic Recession in Egypt

As the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the Egyptian economy into recession. And unemployment deepened, the benefits of trading. And mining Bitcoin are seen by more and more Egyptians as an alternative source of income. Many Egyptians, particularly young people, are interested in crypto-currencies, according to Al-Monitor. The economist and financial advisor to several investment institutions in […]

EY has added a new solution to its Blockchain Analyzer product suite.

New Tool for Analysing Bitcoin Transactions and on-Chain Data Ey Releases

A new solution for investigating on-chain data including Bitcoin (BTC) transactions has been launched by the Big Four accounting firm EY. As part of the EY Blockchain Analyzer product suite, a new Explorer and Visualizer solution has been launched. The beta version is now available for free for individuals, according to an announcement on Sep. […]

Tim Draper

Tim Draper, Bitcoin bull, Reveals the secrets of his Altcoin Portfolio

Tim Draper, the prominent venture capitalist and tech billionaire who bought nearly 30,000 Bitcoin (BTC) seized from the Silk Road, has revealed at least half a dozen different crypto assets in his digital currency holdings. Draper revealed that his holdings include Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), Tezos (XTZ), and Aragon (ANT) at a recent investment […]

Bitcoin’s Realized Cap Is Now $43 Billion Above the 2017 All-Time High

Crypto market data aggregator Glassnode has released data indicating that since tagging its all-time high of $20,000 at the end of 2017. Bitcoin’s (BTC) realised capitalization has increased by more than 50%. When it was last moved on-chain, the realised capitalization metric measures the value of each BTC. Which allows analysts to estimate the aggregate […]

MicroStrategy, Bitcoin

CEO of MicroStrategy could ‘liquidate $200M in Bitcoin on a Saturday’

Michael Saylor said that all $400 million of the Bitcoin reserve holdings of business intelligence firm MicroStrategy could be liquidated at any time. “In an interview on Sept. 22, Saylor told Bloomberg that although” volatility is not really a reason to sell, “he would not hesitate to dump 38,250 Bitcoin (BTC) from MicroStrategy at a […]