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SBI Launches ‘Digital Token Issuance Platform’ on Corda Blockchain

Japanese financial giant SBI Holdings has unveiled a platform that will enable companies. And regional government agencies to issue “digital tokens” through the Corda blockchain network of the American firm R3. The company said by an official statement its platform is named S Coin. The solution is intended for businesses, it said. But SBI has […]

State Bank of India Reports Leak of Millions of Consumer Data

SBI Leaks Millions of Customers’ Data Using Non-Password Protected Server

State Bank of India has fallen prey to a major flaw in the cyber security which has resulted in leakage of millions of customers’ data. As per sources, the mishap occurred through a non-password protected server which was being used by the bank for its SMS service. Although SBI has claimed that it has sorted out the issue, customers and experts all over the world have condemned the incident.

SBI partners with Japan Payment Card Consortium on Blockchain System

SBI partners with Japan Payment Card Consortium on Blockchain System to Fight Fraud

SBI Ripple Asia, a sister collaboration of Ripple, has signed a new partnership agreement with the Japan Payment Card Consortium. The partnership aims to fight against frauds with Proof of Concept technology (PoC). The PoC system will be implemented via Corda because of its data privacy and security set-up.

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SBI Ripple Asia is a few steps away from launching its Blockchain based Payment App

SBI Ripple Asia has moved one step closer to its aim of launching MoneyTap, a Blockchain-powered payment app, in Japan. It has itself registered under Kantou bureau to become legally clear to act as a financial agent. The app will facilitate the retail users for a peer-to-peer money transfer.


Japanese esports company to pay XRP to its players.

SBI esports, a subsidiary of the Japanese financial services conglomerate SBI Group, announced that, as part of a sponsorship deal with venture capital firm, VC Trade, its esports players would receive salaries in Ripple (XRP). In order to strengthen the company’s presence among eSports players who also use digital currencies. Player salaries will be paid […]


Japan ‘s Finance Minister: Blockchain Can Help to Combat COVID

Japanese finance minister Taro Aso suggested that blockchain would be key. To the world’s battle against the coronavirus pandemic since the technology can be used to track contacts while ensuring privacy. Aso gave the opening remarks in Tokyo on 24 Aug. for the Blockchain Global Governance Conference. Also is known as the FIN / SUM […]

Blockchain Can Help Find a Cure for COVID-19

According to Brandon Mintz, CEO of the crypto ATM network, Bitcoin Depot. The blockchain group is playing an important role in helping to develop pharmaceutical drugs to counter COVID-19. Blockchain will carry immense computing power to validate transactions and create new coins. In an interview with Cointelegraph, Mintz emphasized that the greatest advantage blockchain brings […]

US Court Says $250 million stolen from unnamed crypto exchanges

US Court Says $250 Million Stolen from Unnamed Crypto Exchanges

Crypto exchanges and cryptocurrency companies may constantly be trying to improve their usability and security, but when there’s a weakness for hackers to exploit, they go big or go home. According to court documents released by Seamus Hughes at Program on Extremism, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia already convened a […]